Creative literal product designs


These products are designed  to literally represent their purpose. Modern, slim and innovative. Check them out!

Milk pack design by Gabriel Lefebvre and Julien De Repentigny.

Literal radio. Each block has its own function, I guess you can figure out what those are (: .

Remote for the literal radio. Simple and beautiful.

A speaker shaped in a chat bubble. Simply plug it into your computer, laptop or mp3 player!

Periodic table of elements. Learn chemistry in a relaxing way!

Literal book end. Your books will no longer stand crooked!

Literal table designed by Toshinori Kamiya of Kamiya Design.

Juice packs designed by Naoto Fukasawa.

Puzzle chair designed by Eric Ku.

Shelf design by designer Da-Eung Song.

Do you like one in particular? Share your thoughts !


  1. Joel Dayao says

    love this article you post, very helpful and inspiring… thanks!