Artist of the Week – Alberto Cerriteno


Alberto Cerriteño is an extremely talented Mexican designer and illustrator who is currently living and working in Seattle, USA. Alberto’s illustrations reflect a personal technique and style, as they have a delicate hint of traditional Mexican artistic influences in their textures and decorative patterns. Cerriteño’s inspiration comes from alternative cartoons, urban vinyl toys and the pop surrealism movement, making them highly creative.


Alberto’s fantastic illustrations have been recognized and appreciated by progressive art and design institutions such as Create, Juxtapoz, Drawn!, Computer Arts, The Little Chimp Society, Communication Arts and IDN among others. Besides that, he has been invited to collaborate in various art projects all around the world and to participate to gallery shows. Now he is working as an independent artist and collaborates with talented creatives looking to focus on anything he can apply his illustrative creations.

Check out some previews of his work:

The Enamored Mico

For more awesome illustrations, visit Albert Cerriteño’s website.


  1. uni says

    w0000w hi dear ur works are realy perfect i cant say any or see any problem gr8