15 Examples of Vintage Modernism in Web Design


Vintage modernism has been around as a trend in web design for a decade or so, but an exact definition and relevant examples are scarce. When we think of the vintage style, our mind automatically goes to retro scenarios, pin-up girls and ’50s-ish American cars. But this is not the case with this particular trend. As Ian Yates put it in an insightful article, it’s all about “clean layout, sometimes even minimalist, strong typography, and attention to decoration and detail“.

And because I believe that the easiest way to learn is through the power of example, let’s take a look at 15 websites created in true vintage modernist style.

Have you found other websites pertaining to the vintage modernist style?


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    Sometimes vintage web design seems good but if it is being used with modernism style like above 15 examples of website design. This type of design, especially increases readability of the website.

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    Yes its true that using modernism style in vintage web design increases the readability of website .