The Power of the Modern Brand and How It Is Evolving


Brand consultants and experts have been quoted as saying “People buy brands, not products” and this is certainly true, but the modern business needs to find the story behind the company, integrate this message into the brand and use it in how it is promoted. A brand must be engaging and unique, but must also provide a consistent message and voice.

49+ Resources All Web Designers Should Know and Use


  Web design is all about getting those creative juices flowing and bringing web pages to life. Although creativity and skill are the most coveted traits, sometimes they are not enough. The tools and resources used in this line of work must be as sharp and efficient as the user. Whether working on a new…

Speed Reading Techniques: How to Read 1000 Words per Minute

Speed Reading

We all spend hours reading each week. However sometimes it is hard to keep up with this activity because of other responsibilities and activities. What if you could cut down your reading time without compromising the quality or quantity of your reading? Or if you could memorize more of the things you read in a better way? All this is quite achievable with speed reading.

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