Design Inspiration: 20 Unique MacBook and iPad Decals


I personally found that surrounding yourself with unique and inspiring decorative items brings forth more inspiration. So if you’re constantly working in a creative environment, why not make sure it provides ideas for your projects? Especially for you, the designers, I’ve put together a funny and interesting collection of laptop stickers, because you spend so much time in front of the computer.

20 Really Cool Laptop Skin Designs

Abstract laptop design by HP

If your laptop/notebook needs a make over or if you want your personal gadget to stand out from the crowd, you can buy an awesome laptop skin sticker or get an already printed laptop, with a cool skin design.

A laptop or a PC for design?

The choice is really depends on your needs. I will present a few pros and cons of using a laptop or a PC for design. The PC Pros: – More powerful then a laptop for the same money – You can configure more components – Easier to upgrade The PC cons: – weight, to heavy…

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