The Empowering Illustrations of Artist John Mattos


John Mattos is an award winning illustrator based in North Beach, SF. He has received over 100 awards from various design magazines and organizations. His awards include a Gold Medal from the New York Society of Illustrators and Gold from the New York Art Director’s Club. With over 43 years of experience, his corporate clients…

The Exquisite Wildlife Illustrations of Artist Kaz Turner


Kaz Turner is a UK based artist that specializes in creating realistic works of art inspired by wildlife and the natural world. Kaz graduated from Glyndwr University Wales in 2007, where she gained a B A Hons in Illustration for Children’s Publishing; however she now works as a Professional Wildlife Artist and has been doing…

These Celebrity Caricatures by Mahesh Nambiar Will Blow You Away

mahesh nambiar featured image

Mahesh Nambiar is an Indian artist, based in Kerala, and he is a lead animator at Auryn Inc. He manages to caricaturize famous people in such way that is funny, and also real. They don’t seem insulting, like the majority of caricatures, they tend to be just plain funny.

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