Online Business History In a Nutshell – Part 2/2


As promised, here is part two of our Online Business History article. In part one (which you can read here) we talked about the dawn of business on the web and how from 1991 up until 2000, the internet and subsequently online business had reached unparalleled levels of growth. In 2000, however, the “dot com” bubble…

Online Business History In a Nutshell – Part 1/2

online business

Can you imagine your life without Dropbox, cloud storage, email or online business as a whole? Eight years ago you could. We live in a fast-changing world, and we’re bombarded by tons of information each day. We communicate with people from all around the world instantly, discoveries and tech progress seem to happen faster than…

18 Pokemon Go Inspired Illustrations

pokemon Go Illustration

For the past week, Pokemon Go has been the only thing everyone has been thinking about. Millions of people are joining into the augmented-reality, smash-hit game to collect as many of the animated creatures as they can. That’s why we thought today’s inspiration come in the form of Pokemon GO Inspired Illustrations. The original designs of…

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