Design Inspiration: 15 Awesome Logos with Hidden Meaning

Today’s dose of design inspiration comes in the form of a cool showcase of logos which contain an apparently hidden symbol. This actually adds a touch of authenticity and succeeds in rendering them more expressive. It’s a known fact that ‘Less is more.’ when it comes to the branding and identity branch of graphic design; and the logo should make use of powerful visual tools in order to make an impression on the clients and consumers. These particular examples do just that through witty double entendres and simplicity. Enjoy!

Which logo do you think is the most clever and why?

I don't get the one from FedEx. What the double meaning in there?
fedEX=S EX
Andra Postolache
Hey KPM, there's an arrow in the negative space between E and x that represents speed and precision.
Oh, ok. I didn't see it :)
Really fantastic design, I am so much like the missing design .
Andra Postolache
I'm glad you liked the logos, designguru05 :)
Sudarsh Khare
I love the way they have written BLACK CAT... :D
great post, i like the design inspiratif..... :)