14 Amazingly Spooky Images By Yaroslav Gerzhedovich

Being a photographer isn’t always about shooting sunrises and butterflies. Some artists shoot the darkness of both nature and humanity. Shutterstock contributor Yaroslav Gerzhedovich beautifully transmits a spooky – even haunted – mood that leaves you captivated. He manages to instantly transport you to the world he depicts in his art and thus convey feeling. See how it draws you in inside of this showcase.

Gerzhedovich achieves his darkened shades using a variety of techniques both by hand (pencil, acrylic and ink on paper) and on the computer that he says combine to form something “between surrealism and fantasy.” He cites European Victorian-era artistic traditions as his design inspiration, carrying the torch of his Russian ancestors. It’s an eternal source of artistic knowledge in the broadest sense.

When your work illustrates skulls, storms and madness, it can take its toll on the artist’s psyche, or at least reflect a somber temperament.  But through all of his designs, Gerzhedovich has remained upbeat about life and points to people and blue skies triggering new ideas to experiment. In fact, it’s the joy he brings to his projects that keeps him pursuing his passion.

Finding a niche — whatever it may be — is a rewarding feeling for any artist to have and hold onto. It’s a transfiguration of their personality and what I believe enables them to transmit their message effectively. So I hope you found this article inspiring and that you decide to share your feelings about it in the comments section below (it would honestly make our day).

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Gosia Miszewska
Lovely works. Reminds me works of Polish artist Zdzislaw Beksinski. Same disturbing mood. https://fbcdn-sphotos-e-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/424501_308700785856436_518732822_n.jpg
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