12 Amazing American Flag Designs

Since May is almost over and we’re about to embrace one of the most beautiful summer months, June, I decide to talk to you about one of the most important holidays that will take place then.

Yes, your guess is correct. I’m talking about Flag Day, which takes place every year, on June 14. On this special day, Americans not only celebrate the adoption of the United States flag, but also the Army Birthday. So it’s a pretty huge day, no doubt. But I’m sure you’re not here to listen to me brag about how many things I know about this special holiday and I also believe that you already know what the holiday is all about.

So, let’s get to our graphic design business, shall we?

Here’s an awesome collection of 12 American Flag designs I’ve put together for you today. Among them you will not only graphic design stuff, like vector backgrounds, t-shirt designs or vector illustrations, but also a cool graffiti, a package design, stock images and more.

I just can’t stop talking, right?

Well, here it is.



Graffiti Bubble American Flag, from Grofty

Grunge American Flag, from Project Graphic Design

Seventh Letter Saber American Flag, from Grofty

Triple American Flag Painting, by Jasper Johns

T-Shirt Design 558, from Designious

American Flag Collage, by jodidurr

American Type Flag, by Hunter Langston

Vintage American Flag Design Vector, from Titanui

Vector Background, from vectorious.net

Waving American Flag Graphics, by Art

American Flag Background, by oleksiy

A distressed American Flag for a background, by Christophe Boisson

So, tell me now, are there any other awesome flags out there that I could have possibly missed?

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