26 Years of Web Design: Lessons Learned

the history of webdesign 10

There are many things we take for granted nowadays, but the top of the list must be internet access. A few years ago, the internet was still in its infancy, and web design consisted of arranging blue links on a page as efficiently as possible. To understand how much both the internet and web design…

Art History: Pop Art Motifs That Still Influence Modern Design


Pop Art is a significant artistic movement that originates from 1950s Britain and early 1960s United States. It was suggestively named “pop” art due to the fact that it encapsulates popular contemporary imagery, usually removed from its initial context and combined with unrelated elements. It’s considered to perfectly represent the paradox of mass culture because it simultaneously employs mundane cultural objects, celebrities and symbolic items from advertising, news and comic books.

Top 10 Awesome Photography Freebies You Need To Try!


Photography is an art form and to get it right, you need guidance! These top 10 awesome photography freebies will give you some great tips on taking pictures that look perfect. The featured advice in these cool giveaways is taken straight from the mouths of professionals. So listen and learn. But most importantly take advantage…

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