8 Trusted and Free Contact Form Plugins for WordPress


WordPress is the biggest open source blogging tool in the world, being used by more than 22% of the top 10 million, as of August 2013, and a total of 60 million websites world-wide; an achievement it has reached in just over a decade of existence. Today, we will be running down a few trusted and free contact form plugins for WordPress.

5 Simple Steps to Optimize Your WordPress Site


If you need to attract more traffic to your wordpress site, you need to take care of it, and I’m not talking just about the content, I’m talking about optimizing it. Make it more attractive, more eye candy, so people will stay more than 10 seconds and see what is on it. We have compiled 5 simple steps to optimize your wordpress site.

15 Best WordPress Plugins from 2014


WordPress is an absolutely fantastic interface to build your website on. It provides mind boggling freedoms in terms of what you can do with your website, thanks to all its community generated plugins, allowing you to virtually do whatever you want with it. With nearly 31 thousand plugins to choose from, sifting through the lot of them to find the right ones for you can be a real hassle. Also, at that number of plugins, quality assurance is nigh impossible.

30 Fresh Free WordPress Themes

We live in a wonderful world, where you are not forced to start from scratch when designing a website. There are countless of website templates out there on the internet, just a mere Google search away. Quantity, though, does not equal quality, and you might find yourself spending too much time choosing which template to use.

25 New & Free Responsive WordPress Themes


WordPress is like the gift that keeps on giving. Currently the 18th largest website in the world, housing a staggering 60 million websites, WordPress is showing no signs of slowing down whatsoever. As of August 2013, 18.9% of the top 10 million websites use WordPress, cementing it as the number one blogging system in use, and it really is plain to see for anyone why this is the case.

30 Best CSS Resources from 2013


As far as web design resources go, having a good, competent CSS resource is essential in optimizing the time and money you invest in creating a website. This list contains 30 of these resources, to make you life easier, and be sure that your design is top-notch and competitive, in what truly is a difficult market.

7 Quick Tips: How to Optimize Your Images for Great Search Results


Ever been tempted to upload your image to your WordPress dashboard and just insert it in a post as is? Of course, we all have at some point. Thing is, if you use images that way, your WordPress site (any type of site for that matter) will soon get really clunky and you’ll even lose search engine rankings because of that. Let me explain how to use images properly both in terms of SEO and overall site performance.

Winners of the NextendWeb.com Giveaway: 3 Smart Slider 2 Plugins!


It’s time to announce the 3 lucky winners that will each receive a lifetime license worth $100 for the Smart Slider 2 plugin from our friends over at NextendWeb. Smart Slider 2 is a user-friendly, highly customizable, responsive solution to build your slider into your site – the next generation of WordPress plugins. It works with both HTML5 and CSS3, has a user friendly backend, cross-browser compatibility, excellent support, touch screen adaptability and high quality code.

How to Successfully Market Your Design Blog


The Internet is all about choices. But, once you’ve made all these choices and finally have a blog, on a platform, on a domain you bought or on a .blogger, .wordpress, .tumblr or another free domain, with a custom-built or generic theme, you find yourself with the biggest question you’ll have to ask yourself while blogging. That question is, of course, “How do I make myself noticed amongst the millions of other blogs out there?”