Design Resources: 12 Jolliest Vector Snowmen

Hi there, guys! Since last time we talked about design resources for the winter holidays in general, I decided that this time we should get more specific. And giving that Christmas is right around the corner, we will focus today on those design resources that will be more than useful in everything that’s left to do in our Christmas projects.

15 Beautiful Design Resources for the Winter Holidays

zombies green

Hi there, folks! Since I assume you are already trapped in the whole winter season fuss, like we all are, I’ll try to be as brief as possible but still as useful as always.
What I have prepared for you today is a great collection of 15 design resources for the winter season, which I’m sure will be more than helpful for your design projects.

Funny Graphic Design Ideas – Winter Characters

Even though the holidays have passed, it’s still winter in our hearts… and outside. You can still enjoy some fun in the snow, if it’s (literally) up your alley or a cup of hot cocoa from the comfort of your home. So today we’re going to draw some awesome design inspiration from this season and […]

Cool Design Resources: Winter Landscapes

Winter has already started showing its teeth and claws, lowering the mercury in our thermometers, giving more power to the wind and making the sun go to sleep earlier than we would like it to. But it takes a lot more to bring our spirits down and to prove it, we have prepared a series of both cool and heartwarming winter scenery illustrations.

Showcase of Beautiful Designs with Delicate Snowflakes

It seems to me that we no longer have 4 seasons! A week ago we had summer temperatures and now it’s gray and snowing at the mountains. So, in the spirit of early winter, I would like to show you some beautiful illustrations with delicate snowflakes to inspire you to create sweet postcards for your family or for your freelancer projects. Enjoy!