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WPEka Club currently has released 24 WordPress Themes and 18 WordPress Plugins and is steadily becoming the go-to store for Premium WordPress products. Their blog WPEka.com has loads of WordPress tips, tricks and tutorials – useful for beginners as well as advanced WordPress users.

Deal of the Week: The Ultimate Design Library – From $59


Our sister website, InkyDeals, came up with The Ultimate Design Library: $25,088 worth of Premium RF Resources – From $59. Don’t miss your chance to get the biggest design bundle ever seen at an incredible price! This brand-new bundle contains thousands of different resources worth an incredible $25,000+ from design heavyweights such as Designious, DesignTNT & Vectorious.

10 Biggest Design Bundles Ever Sold on the Web


We’ve managed to round up 10 biggest design bundles ever sold on the web, with a price that is affordable, and the content is a must-have. You will surely not be disappointed with the product, and it will fulfill your creative needs.

Sarcastic Romance Illustrations by Donna Choi


Donna Choi likes to make us laugh with her digitized illustrations, depicting her fascination of lust and passion. She likes to say this about them “ It is reviled by strangers and exes alike”. We fully agree. This wonderful artist is based in Brooklyn, New York and has created a weekly series of illustrations – “Modern Romance”.

20 Fresh Web Design Freebies


It is no secret that we love hunting down freebies on the web, and putting them up to be displayed like trophies on a mantlepiece. We are guessing that you also enjoy browsing the web in search for great free stuff, but that can take up quite a lot of your time. Time you desperately need to meet that pesky deadline you have. To help you save both time and money, we have made a list of some of the best fresh freebies we could find in the wild, untamed jungle that is the internet. Sit back, enjoy, and download to your heart’s contempt.

Must-Reads: 15 Free Ebooks for Designers


Ebooks have allowed us to read in unprecedented amounts, and have helped us make a giant leap towards making books available to everyone, not to mention allowing us to publish books without cutting down trees. To celebrate ebooks, we have decided to make yet another must read ebook article for graphic designers, hopefully helping you become a better designer along the way, and giving you some design inspiration.

20 Fresh and Inspiring Websites that Use Parallax Scrolling


The web has never looked better, and since this particular type of scrolling effect plays a pretty big role in this “aesthetic revolution”, we have made a list. A list that contains 20 of the coolest websites we could find that use parallax scrolling. Hopefully, this will get your creative juices, and give you some design inspiration.

20 Free & Premium Bootstrap Templates


Are you looking for top notch HTML templates that would best fit your plans? Converting templates for WordPress or any other CMS platform? Don’t know where to start? We are here to help you creative professionals make your job easier. The best thing is that they are all entirely free, so you can just try and try every single one of them an see what suits your needs best.