Deal of the Week: The New Colossal Bundle $10,063 worth of Top-Quality Resources – From $49


When our sister website, InkyDeals, told you that they want to come up with the biggest bundles and discounts ever, they weren’t kidding. And this new Colossal Bundle will prove it once again. This entire bundle comes with an extended royalty license, meaning you can use the resources in an unlimited number of personal and commercial purposes, and even merchandise for sales, such as: t-shirts, hoodies, mugs etc!

20 New T-Shirt Designs & 2 Giga Packs from Designious


Let’s kick-start this year with a brand-new collection of design goodies from!
Even though the Winter Holidays just passed, the guys there already managed to release 20 new t-shirt designs and two massive giga packs: Giga Vector Pack 9 with 263 items and Giga Vector Pack 10 with 294 items.

10 New Exceptional Vector Packs & 2 Mega Packs from


In the past couple of weeks they managed to create some exceptional vector packs that I’m sure you will adore! Among these new vectors you will find lots of crests, wings, skulls, music vectors, pirates, scorpions, freaks and more. They also prepared not one, but two mega packs which you can get at half of their regular price!

10 New Ornamental Vector Packs & 10 Ornamental Brushes Packs from


Even though summer is here, the guys from Designious aren’t slacking. Actually they’re working hard to create top of the line design resources that you will definitely love and use in your projects.

And in the past couple of weeks they managed to create a whole bunch of ornamental floral vector packs and Photoshop brushes.

8 New Marvelous Greek Mythological Vector Packs & Freebie from


The Greek mythology is well known about its beautiful stories and teachings about the gods and heroes, about the beginning of the world and religion. It also has a specific type of art which is distinct and very representative. But creating Greek mythology-related designs from scratch can be sometimes complicated, especially if time is something you lack.

New at 20 Jaw-Dropping Seamless Patterns Vector Packs & Freebie


They’re just the thing you need if you want to create a good design with little effort. You can use them in both web and print; in illustrations, garments, on textiles or whatever comes in your mind. The overall design and the level of detail is simply amazing. I can assure you that you won’t find here any cheap traces or hidden mistakes.

10 New Fabulous Vintage Vector Packs & Freebie from


As a designer, you should probably own a library full of design resources such as vectors, patterns, brushes, actions and more. And you probably know how important is to update your library with fresh new resources to keep up with the trends. That’s why with the beginning of a new season, the guys from come to your help with a set of 10 amazing vintage vector packs which means more than 70 top-quality vectors!

New Floral Vectors, Brushes & T-shirt Designs from


In just a couple of weeks, Designious managed to release 41 new design resources. Among the new stuff you will find tons of floral vector packs, a floral mega pack, 10 new Photoshop Brushes packs, and 20 awesome t-shirt designs! And as you are already used to, all these resources come with and extended-royalty license and can be incorporated into your merchandise for sale, t-shirts, mugs, banners, websites and whatever comes through your mind!

A Huge Collection of Floral Vectors & Brushes, Animals, Mega Packs and Freebies from


Even though it’s only December, the guys from already have their spring collection in the making. They’ve already released a ton of floral vectors and Photoshop brushes, floral bouquets, spring branches, leaves vectors, butterflies, birds and not only. But it’s not only about fun and games (or flowers and butterflies in this particular case). They’ve also released some awesome vector packs with apes, reptiles, devil wings, spiders, alien skulls, scrolls any many other awesome vectors.