Deal of the Week: 1,000 Premium Vector Illustrations for Only $59


We’re back with another huge collection of top-quality vector illustrations courtesy of! And when we say huge, we’re not kidding. This mega bundle is stuffed with 1,000 illustrations that you will definitely find of great use! Why 1,000? Because they’re highly useful and you guys can’t get enough of them!

20 Valentine’s Day Stock Photos for Your Design Projects


Unlike other holidays when you might just get a chance to kick back and relax, Valentine’s Day brings with it themed projects. It is the day of flowers, chocolates and all things heart-shaped, and finding the right stock photos for your projects can be a right hassle. Just looking at the tones upon tones of pictures with flowers, candy boxes, ribbons and anything else that is typically related to love and romance can drive you positively bonkers.

Deal of the Week: Super Premium Love Mega Set with an Extended Royalty License for Only $29


Valentine’s Day is almost here, and this means that besides all the hearts and cupids you see in shops, you’ll also have a lot of work to do to finish those Valentine’s-themed projects. And that’s not an easy task, especially if you’re going through a creative block. That’s why our sister website Inky Deals partnered with the guys from DesignTNT in order to bring you a Super Premium Love Collection that will help you save countless hours, and inspire you!

Choose Inky’s Valentine & Get a Chance to Win a Free Giga Bundle!


When there’s a will, there’s a way! That’s what you proved by commenting and helping us create an amazing Valentine for our beloved Inky – the mascot of our sister website Inky Deals. Or three, to be exact. So we need your help one more time to decide how the lovely Pinky should look like (great name suggestion, by the way). And we thought – what better way to do this than through a giveaway?

Design Inspiration: Top 15 Best Valentine’s Day Print Ads

Year after year, Valentine’s Day proves to be a highly entertaining holiday in the advertising world. It’s definitely a romantic holiday. But when you take those sweet and sentimental notions and put a creative spin on them, they become downright funny. We have compiled 15 of the all time best Valentine’s Day print ads from around the world. If these don’t spark your creative juices, they will at lease provide a few laughs!

Help Inky of Find His Valentine!


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and love is in the air. No one should be alone on this particular holiday, and when I say this, I’m thinking about Inky – the lovable little ink blob and mascot of our sister site Inky Deals. We only have a week left to create the blob of his life so this is where we need your help: how should she look like?

Let Your Imagination Fly – Birds Design Inspiration


Even though spring seems further and further away because of these mountains of snow that are falling upon us, I am set on spreading the warm feeling through some awesome design resources. So I’ve chosen for today beautiful and funny illustrations with birds. When you think of spring you automatically see flowers, feel the warmth […]

Free Vectors of the Day from Pixel77 – Check-mark Stickers, Vintage Floral Frame, Valentine’s Day and Easter Illustrations


As you may have noticed, we enjoy giving a lot of design love back to the community through the free vector resources we give away here on Pixel77. Moreover, today is a special day because we have some great news for all you creative minds out there!
Starting today, Pixe77 will give away 1 cool vector freebie per day! To kick off this freebies marathon, we will start off today with 4 awesome and FREE vector resources.