10 Biggest Design Bundles Ever Sold on the Web


We’ve managed to round up 10 biggest design bundles ever sold on the web, with a price that is affordable, and the content is a must-have. You will surely not be disappointed with the product, and it will fulfill your creative needs.

Must-Reads: 15 Free Ebooks for Designers


Ebooks have allowed us to read in unprecedented amounts, and have helped us make a giant leap towards making books available to everyone, not to mention allowing us to publish books without cutting down trees. To celebrate ebooks, we have decided to make yet another must read ebook article for graphic designers, hopefully helping you become a better designer along the way, and giving you some design inspiration.

Typography Trend: The Art of Calligraffiti


Calligraphy is just as much a part of human evolution as the development of language. The two are virtually inseparable, as the earliest surviving written texts are all done in calligraphy. The word calligraphy comes from the Ancient Greek words kallos and graphẽ, the two meaning beauty and writing, respectively. That does not, however, mean that calligraphy is strictly a Western tradition.

Deal of the Week: 2,000+ Top-Quality Vector Illustrations for Just $49


Our sister website, Inky Deals, had a lot of great deals with the guys from Vectorious.net and after lots of talking, they managed to convince them to share an incredible collection with more than 2,000 top-quality illustrations that will definitely be a game changer for any designer! You will get: 2,030 vector illustrations divided in 36 different categories.

Deal of the Week: The Super Premium Typographic Illustrations Set & Bonus – Just $24


As you may know, we’ve had a lot of deals with various illustrations, but this time things are a little bit different. We came up with a Super Premium collection of 138 typographic illustrations divided in 19 categories, such as: sales, food & drinks, major holidays, summer, wedding, and many other! These are some of the best illustrations you can find on the market (technically they’re not even launched yet)!