9 unusual and creative sculptures and statues


Sculpting is an art that has defined us from the dawn of humanity. We slowly started polishing stone, marble, ceramic and wood creating beautiful, staggering pieces of art. We have rounded up 9 unusual and creative sculptures and statues from around the world so we can experience a little part of this beautiful form of art.

10 Brilliant Advertising Campaigns


Brilliant advertising campaigns withstand the test of time, they make you wonder, they make you recognize the brand without double checking. We all wish that our ad campaign could go viral, and that we will gain popularity, but it is not that easy to do. You need to get inspired, and give 110% to achieve this goal. We have rounded up 21 brilliant advertising campaigns so you can see how other creative professionals have done it.

Photoshop Tutorials Roundup – January 2012


This January, I found a lot of awesome Photoshop tutorials on the web! Seems like designers didn’t waste any time and they started this year in force! Here’s what’s on the menu today: how to create grunge textures, type treatments, how to use various PS tools such as Painting brush, curves and levels & others, how to create amazing photo manipulations and how to blend images and work with lighting and shadows.