How to Remember More of What You Read & Improve Your Memorization Skills


Whether you are a student or looking for self-improvement, it can be challenging if you struggle to remember what you have already read. Remembering more of what you have read can be important for keeping well informed on current events, researching interests on the internet or even reading fiction and non-fiction books.

6 Tips on How to Manage Your Design Team Effectively


So now you’re a manager. It doesn’t matter what the job’s called. Be it team leader, project manager, team manager or any other title, it boils down to one thing: there’s a group of people who need managing, and you’re the person to manage them. As people go, designers tend to have a lot more individuality in them and be less willing to work in a team effectively. That’s why managing a design team is even more of a challenge than regular team management.

A Quick Look at Email Marketing – Strategy and Tools


These days it’s pretty risky to invest much time and effort into direct marketing through e-mails since your carefully crafted content may be seen for no more than a few seconds. As notification and sharing capabilities of other environments have increased through the likes of social media or RSS feeds, if you plan to take on e-mail marketing to promote your small business you should definitely be prepared to think outside the box. Here are a couple of tips on how you should sketch your e-mail marketing strategy.