Creative Mother Sends Her Baby on Wild Adventures Around the World

Daniela Babic Photos

We here at Pixel77 have showcased several artists that use Photoshop to create stunning results, and today I will be showcasing Daniela Babic’s photos of her son, Theodore, which she edits to make them seem like wonderful adventures.

Illustrator and Photoshop Tutorials Roundup – July 2014


Illustrator and Photoshop tutorials roundup for July. If you want to see more of our roundups, you can check them out here, where we also have separate, stand-alone tutorials.

Blogger Esther Honig Explores Global Standards of Beauty


To explore beauty and the global standards of it, blogger and journalist Esther Honing sent a picture of herself to almost 40 designers from 25 countries, some experts, some amateurs, and asked them one simple thing: “Make me beautiful.” The project presented in this article got her a lot of attention, as this is probably not the first article on the subject that you are reading. What I will do, however, is pick out a few of them, and try to see what they say about standards of beauty in that particular country.

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