Top 15 Worst Photoshop Disasters of 2013


You might be wondering what does Buddha have to do with Photoshop. Well, like anything in this world, when creating a photo manipulation you really need to go all the way, and pay real close attention to detail. After all, that is what designers, photographers and visual artists in general do. Photoshop is, as you undoubtedly know, a fantastic and versatile tool for designers and photographers alike.

Artist of the Week: Photo Manipulations by Martin Grohs


Adobe Photoshop has revolutionized the way we make art. Digital photography has allowed photographers to experiment a whole lot more, without costing them an arm and a leg to do so. Just think of how hard it must have been in the old-timey days to make a photo look the way you wanted it to look. But in our lovely modern days, we get to photoshop pictures to perfection. Well, the fact of the mater is that photo manipulation has been around for a very long time, now.

Illustrator and Photoshop Tutorials Roundup – February 2014


You are probably no stranger to Adobe’s marvelous design suite. Illustrator and Photoshop have been helping designers create great designs for a long time now, and it is no secret why this is the case. Both programs offer the user a stunning array of effect and tools to help them work, so as to create the images that they have in their heads. Another thing that is not a secret is just how difficult it is to use the programs at their full potential.

10 Hot Web Design Trends to Look Forward to in 2014


Trends are the building blocks of culture. They appear and influence (for a while, at least) the way things are done, the way things look, or sound. Like Scott Cook said, major changes come about once a trend solidifies itself in culture, when it becomes more than just a passing fad. In web design, especially, trends are tremendously important, so it’s vital for you, as a web designer, to be ahead of the curve.

Photo Manipulation Hall of Fame: Untooning


I thought we would approach today the highly discussed and quite controversial topic of “untooning”. As a part of the graphic design field, it involves some pretty unbelievable photo manipulation: combining visual elements from separate sources, more exactly images of facial features with a 3D rendering of a cartoon or game character.

Fairy Tale Designs with an Unexpected Twist


Fairy tales are an important part of everyone’s childhood. They help develop our imagination, learn the difference between right and wrong and teach us that anything is possible if we truly believe. Based on the discrepancy between how we viewed things as children and how we see them now, I’ve gathered some juicy design inspiration that will put things in perspective for you.

Showcase of 25 Cunning Celebrity Digital Caricatures


Caricatures are probably the most graphic way to describe someone, meaning both the most expressive and powerfully linked to the design domain. The significant visual impact, touch of surrealism and transparent humor are more than enough to win anyone over. So I’ve prepared a showcase of vector and photo manipulation celebrity caricatures to inspire us today and set the mood for the weekend.

Photoshop Tutorial Roundup – April 2012


It’s time to gather some fresh design inspiration and resources from the most appreciated Photoshop tutorials from the last month. I’ve put together for you guys an awesome showcase that will teach us how to paint realistic skin tones, design a dark and minimal WordPress theme, draw falling water and a whole lot more!

Photoshop Tutorials Roundup – March 2012


You’ve asked for more tutorials, so today I’ve prepared for you guys an awesome showcase of premium Photoshop tuts to enhance your design skills. We are going to be learning how to create a royal gold text effect, a stylish business card, a retro web design layout and much more!

Artist of the Week – Graphic Designer Chad Gersky


Chad Gersky, also known as Chadski51 on deviantArt is a young and aspiring graphic designer, making it’s way into the fascinating world of creative professionals. Chad is from Chicago, IL, he graduated from Lewis University and got his B.A. with honors in Graphic Design, while also achieving over 5 years in the field. Gersky is passionate about sports and designing and he finds a way to blend the two that caught our attention. We appreciate his motivation and the eagerness to learn more and we are looking forward to seeing more of his works online.