Web Design Inspiration: 15 “Under Construction” Pages & Freebie


To give you guys a head start on the weekend, I’ve put together an inspirational showcase of the most awesome “under construction” pages out there. Most of the websites have evolved since then, but the legend of their initial page remains. In addition to the much needed inspiration, I’ve also found a free PSD template for you to use when building an “under construction” page for your own website.

40+ Examples of Outstanding One-Page Website Designs

With all the heavy content websites out there, it’s nice to run into a single-page website. The thing I love most about one-page websites is that you can quickly get to where you want to, you have all the important content in a single page and they have a great impact on the viewer.
Single-page websites are just the thing you are looking for if you want to design an online portfolio or to market a product or an event – they are usually great for less content.

Oups! Page Not Found – Showcase of Creative 404 Pages Part 1

404 Pages can be styled just as any another page from your website. It’s extremely useful to have an elegant, creative or funny error page – you want to keep users on your website. Here are a few tips on creating an appealing and efficient 404 error page: use creative and appealing graphic elements, give your visitor alternatives for navigation, communicate with your users in a friendly and sincere way, offer a couple of possible related posts and last but not least, be creative!

Showcase of Creative and Interesting “About” Pages for Inspiration


Whenever I come across an interesting website I always want to read about the people behind “the scene” so I search and click on the “About” button. I really like to find there some info about the owner of the website, maybe even a small photo (I like to associate names with faces and I find that it gives the experience a more familiar feel), some information about the website, like what is its mission, when it was created, what are their plans and I certainly don’t mind reading some creatively presented statistics – like the number of articles, best articles ever, prizes won and so forth. Besides all that, I always appreciate a creative web design, on home page but also on the other pages of a website, including the “About” page.