The Power of the Modern Brand and How It Is Evolving

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Brand consultants and experts have been quoted as saying “People buy brands, not products” and this is certainly true, but the modern business needs to find the story behind the company, integrate this message into the brand and use it in how it is promoted. A brand must be engaging and unique, but must also provide a consistent message and voice.

30 Most Creative Animal Logo Designs


Our list of some of the most creative animal logo designs. We hope you like them at least as much as we do, and that they will get your creative juices flowing.

20 Creative Chat Logo Designs


Ever since we first came into contact with a PC, we were completely fascinated with minuscule little pictures on the screen that pop-up into great big windows (or tremendous worlds to be explored, in the case of games). That’s why thought we might make an article showcasing a few creative chat logo designs, so that you might get a bit of design inspiration, and maybe even find that illusive great logo that you have been looking so long for.

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