Interview with Adam McIntyre – Insight into a Freelancer’s Life


You’ve probably noticed that lately, the articles have focused on resources and tips for freelancers, such as how to increase productivity and reduce stress and how to work with different types of clients. Well today we’re continuing this trend with an interview with Adam McIntyre – the founder of FlyerHeroes. He was kind enough to welcome us into his life in Thailand (where he’s currently living), and talk about the pros and cons of being a freelancer: time management issues, the freedom to travel and more.

“More Than Human” Book and Exhibition by Renowned Photographer Tim Flach


I am very proud to present to you today an exclusive sneak preview of Tim Flach’s upcoming book and photography exhibition called More Than Human that will be held at Osborne Samuel Gallery in London. I stumbled upon Tim’s work one day and was absolutely blown away by his one-of-a-kind, heartwarming animal portraits. Let’s take a look at Flach’s discourse on photography, his aim as an artist and a short yet enticing biography.

Interview with Inspiring Eco Artist Dan Cretu


The past few weeks have been all about raising awareness for Romania, the home country of the Pixel77 team (the people behind the entire Brainik Network, to be more exact). I’ve shown you guys some interesting facts in a “Get to Know Romania” article and my colleague Cristina recently posted a showcase of inspiring portrait photography made by 4 awesome Romanian artists that went viral. So I thought I’d put her work to the test and see if I can do the same with the artwork of the one, the only – Dan Cretu.

Interview with Amazing Concept Artist Young June Choi a.k.a. GPZANG


Meet Young June Choi, an extremely talented Concept and 3D Artist from Seoul, Korea. He is the Art Director and part of the Graphic Team over at Blueside Inc. He also works on Modeling, Interface Design and Motion and has an impressive gallery of designs that I just had to share with you guys.

Interview with Talented Graphic Artist Andreas Krapf


Andreas Krapf is a German illustrator and graphic designer with a unique view of the world that makes his work stand out. I stumbled upon some of his illustrations recently and just had to tell you guys about him! He studied Design at the University of Applied Sciences in Würzburg, Germany and has been working […]

Interview with talented concept artist Yu Cheng Hong


Yu Cheng Hong is a very talented artist from Taiwan. Yu Cheng is a well known skilled digital artist, creating some of the most beautiful characters and illustrations I have ever seen! I am simply blown away by this guys’ imagination! Take a look at the concepts, the level of detail, the colors and and shapes, his artwork is simply amazing!

Interview with Graphic Designer Can Soner


I came across the amazing works of Can Soner while searching for some awesome inspiration. I found his work so fabulous and I was surprised to see that he can design warriors and monsters as well as children illustrations! And I said wow, this guy is really talented and he must really enjoy doing both type of illustrations. I wanted to know more about Can and his work, so I interviewed him, check it out.