Popular Movie Scenes Photographed in Their Real-Life Locations


Cristopher Moloney is Canadian photographer that had a dream of matching scenes from movies with their real life, present day locations. His project is named FILMography, and you can learn all about it by going on his Tumblr, Instagram and Twitter, or you can go ahead and stalk him on Facebook.

Dirty Car Art by Scott Wade


Scott Wade loves to get dirty and make art. Literally, he does art in dirt. Well, on dirty cars, but you get the point of it. Music and art has always been a part of Scott’s life, his father was an amateur cartoonist that just loved to doodle and he would make coloring books for the neighborhood kids during Christmas. He went on a music scholarship to college, but changed majors so he could seek his true calling – Art.

11 Most Creative Loading bar Designs


Progress bars are a part of our life whether we like it or not. So why not make something out of it? Well you aren’t the only one that asked this question – designers all over the world stumbled upon this too and made your waiting time a little bit less annoying that it really is. Lets scroll down and see what they have come up with. Here is our list of 11 most creative loading bar designs.

Colorful Illustrations by Carlos Lerma


Carlos Lerma is an incredibly talented illustrator and designer. He has over ten years of experience in the field and he is trying to amaze us, one day at a time. Based in Cancun, Mexico, Carlos is bringing us joy with his colorful illustrations – whether they are renditions of Hell Boy, The Gremlins, Batman, or even Doctor Hannibal Lecter, he is doing a terrific job.

Design Inspiration: 8 Best Web Design Galleries


Inspiration hits you when you don’t expect it. That is why we, creative professionals, have to constantly be in a medium that inspires us. Everyone gets their inspiration differently, but it doesn’t hurt to try new things. Maybe you will find a muse that you never dreamed of, and it will take you to new design heights. Gazing at galleries truly is a guilty pleasure of mine.

Freelance Web Developer vs. Web Development Firm


Both parties have pros and cons, it gets to the point that both have obvious flaws, and tremendous advantages over the other. What are you willing to sacrifice to go for the other? Don’t try it first hand, hear us out a bit, and then decide. It will only take you minutes, and not months.

Stunning Surreal Photography by Oleg Oprisco


Photography is one of the most fantastic inventions mankind has ever came up with. It is both an art and a science, helping us enrich both our minds and our hearts by capturing small moments for all eternity. Today we will show you Oleg Oprisco’s work, one of the most talented photographers that Ukraine has to offer. The artist discovered his love for photography at age 16, when he started taking photos of friends and acquaintances. Within two years, he moved to Kiev to begin work in advertisement.