Artist of the Week: Stunning Night Photography by Mikko Lagerstedt

Stunning Night Photography by Mikko Lagerstedt

This week, I get the pleasure of showcasing some totally awesome works from Mikko Lagerstedt, a self-taught photographer and nature enthusiast from beautiful Finland. But before I do that, I want to tell you a thing or three about Mikko and Finland as well while I am at it.

Sign Language Doodles by Alex Solis

Sign Language Doodles

His name is Alex Solis, he is a designer and illustrator living in Chicago, Illinois, and working for Threadless. His project, called Sign & Doodles, has got to be one of the most considerate and cute projects I have seen lately. The illustrations just make my heart melt, and I am really sincerely thinking about learning sign language myself with the aid of this book.

Illustrator and Photoshop Tutorials Roundup – January 2015


Each month, we go take a look at what tutorials have popped up over the previous four weeks and collect the ones we thought were the best, and showcase them in tutorial roundups. Today, I will be taking a look at some cool tutorials from this year’s first month.

15 Most Creative “About Us” Pages


One great way to start humanizing your website is creating an “About Us” section that does not read like spreadsheet. Make it like a biography, where interesting and funny stories, blend seamlessly with useful information about whatever the website is promoting (you, your company, your brand etc.). To show you what I mean, I have put together a list of some of my favorite “About Us” pages from the interweb.

Artist of the Week: Josh Hara turns coffee cups into comics


Josh Hara, a talented artist from Columbus, Ohio, has amazed us all with his creativity. One day, he decided to turn coffee cups into comics. And he did an incredible job. His comics are witty, funny, satirical, but most important of all – they are entertaining.