Freelancers: How to Stoke Your Motivation and Get Things Done

freelancers tips

When it feels as though the well has run dry, if projects seem to be stalled, and if there’s a nagging awareness at the back of your mind that deadlines are fast approaching, then you need to get back into the groove and start getting more results from your working day. Here are seven proven ways to do just that.

Must-Read Free eBooks for Graphic Designers

Must-Read Free eBooks

Graphic design is an outlet for creativity, but creativity isn’t where it begins and ends. Like all crafts, it needs to be studied, mastered and applied. In “ye olde” days, craftsmen had apprentices which worked for them and, hopefully, learned from them. These days, craftsmen are authors. They write books about their experiences, and some of these books you can get for free.

Speed Reading Techniques: How to Read 1000 Words per Minute

Speed Reading

We all spend hours reading each week. However sometimes it is hard to keep up with this activity because of other responsibilities and activities. What if you could cut down your reading time without compromising the quality or quantity of your reading? Or if you could memorize more of the things you read in a better way? All this is quite achievable with speed reading.

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