Sign Language Doodles by Alex Solis

Sign Language Doodles

His name is Alex Solis, he is a designer and illustrator living in Chicago, Illinois, and working for Threadless. His project, called Sign & Doodles, has got to be one of the most considerate and cute projects I have seen lately. The illustrations just make my heart melt, and I am really sincerely thinking about learning sign language myself with the aid of this book.

Illustrator and Photoshop Tutorials Roundup – January 2015


Each month, we go take a look at what tutorials have popped up over the previous four weeks and collect the ones we thought were the best, and showcase them in tutorial roundups. Today, I will be taking a look at some cool tutorials from this year’s first month.

Colorful Illustrations by Carlos Lerma


Carlos Lerma is an incredibly talented illustrator and designer. He has over ten years of experience in the field and he is trying to amaze us, one day at a time. Based in Cancun, Mexico, Carlos is bringing us joy with his colorful illustrations – whether they are renditions of Hell Boy, The Gremlins, Batman, or even Doctor Hannibal Lecter, he is doing a terrific job.

Buzzwords of 2014 Explained with Illustrations


Today I will be looking at some of their illustrations, specifically a series called Behind the Buzzwords. “Behind the Buzzwords is a set of quirky illustrations based on 10 trending words that currently drive the direction of enterprises related to technology, business and design”. Time to get to it, then.

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