Adobe Illustrator Tutorial: How to Draw Characters


In this tutorial, you can follow step by step the process of creating a female character. From rough sketch to a finished, vector illustration. You can find out, which are the important things when creating a memorable and an easy to recognize character.

Artist of the Week: Impressive Fantasy Illustrations by Klaus Pillon

illustrations by Klaus Pillon

Without fantasy, we would not have Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Discworld, or just about anything with dragons, maidens, knights and elves. Another thing that we would not have, are Klaus Pillon’s amazing fantasy illustrations, which I am about to show you. But first, let’s get to know him just a little bit better, shall we?

Doodles that Interact with their Surroundings

doodles that interact with their surroundings

I talk to you about a pretty interesting artist called Troqman, or David Troquier as he is known by legal institutions. Troqman is an illustrator and self-described roughman. He does a wide array of illustrations, but what really got him noticed lately is his series of doodles called Cartoonbombing.

Sign Language Doodles by Alex Solis

Sign Language Doodles

His name is Alex Solis, he is a designer and illustrator living in Chicago, Illinois, and working for Threadless. His project, called Sign & Doodles, has got to be one of the most considerate and cute projects I have seen lately. The illustrations just make my heart melt, and I am really sincerely thinking about learning sign language myself with the aid of this book.