How to Create Retro Vector Letters


Vector letters are expanded letters with effects added to them, such as: graphic styles, gradients, 3D effects and others. Letters and writing are very helpful elements in every designer’s work.

Adobe Illustrator Tutorial: How to Draw a Character, From Concept to Final Design

tutorial summer illustration

When drawing an illustration, the concept is the most important thing to begin with. In this tutorial, we will learn how to create a funny, cartoon character, using basic shapes and how to transform it in a vector. I definitely think that everyone can improve his/her drawing skills. You should just keep practicing, work a lot and stay motivated. You’ll get there!

5 Best Video Games of 2014

best video games 2014

Video games are art, no matter what anyone says. 2014, I feel, was a pretty good year for gaming. So I decided to make a list of the best video games I have experienced throughout the last year, to make sure that I do my part in getting them the exposure I think they deserve.

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