How to Create Retro Vector Letters


Letters and writing are very helpful elements in every designer’s work. They help the designer send a message in the easiest way possible, and also help emphasize the existing message in an illustration. Although the Internet provides very large font resources, sometimes the design needs more than just a font. Vector letters are expanded letters with effects added to them, such as: graphic styles, gradients, 3D effects and others.

Design Resources: The Benefits of Being a Freelancer


Many designers feel forced into the work pattern of freelancing, yet dislike this as their primary source of income. While it is not uncommon to hate your job, there are a number of great benefits that come from being a freelancer, that some designers actually experience. While it may not be your career choice forever, it can offer a unique working lifestyle with some great advantages.

How to Create a Metal Print Block Graphic Style in Adobe Illustrator


In this tutorial we will take an in-depth look on Illustrator’s Appearance panel. With it, we’ll create an amazing effect that you can apply to any type text, while preserving the text’s editability. As result, you’ll master the Appearance panel’s features to the extent where you can build your own styles.

Freelancer’s Guide: Time Wasters and How to Avoid Them


You, me your friends, colleagues, your competitors, presidents, even Bill Gates, we all have 24 hours in each day, and the way we chose to use our time is what makes the difference at the end of each day. The relaxed work hours that are the pinnacle of your day as a freelancer can be a double edged sword. Yes, freelancers can create their own schedule to maximize their creativity and productivity, yet many freelancers find themselves procrastinating and wasting precious time. If you are looking to maximize your time and want to improve your workflow, here are some of the most common time draining tasks and tips on how to eliminate them.

Is Passive Income a Myth for Internet Entrepreneurs?


With more and more people experimenting with the potentially limitless possibilities of the internet, a great many people are chasing a passive income. In the past, passive income was strictly the domain of writers and artists who produced a song or novel which would generate revenue in years to come or investors looking to become […]

Freelancer’s Guide: Find and Get Rid of Limiting Beliefs


Being creative can be a very stressful requirement to have for a job. Sometimes, your ideas come easy, sometimes they don’t. Have you noticed how for every one or two good relatively newly-formed indie bands, there suddenly appears an entire group of musicians making very similar music? This also goes for web design, for example. Surely you’ve seen that some of the most inventive web design structures have been used as inspiration by many other creative professionals.

Design Inspiration: 20 Best Package Designs of 2013


Package design may not sound too glamorous, but we suspect everyone’s been wowed once or twice in their life by an unusual and cool way to present a fairly unremarkable product. Here are some of our most recent finds in the world of package design for 2013. We found that it’s important to tell a story through well-designed characters or somehow awaken people’s collector’s streak through well-designed, quality elements of pop culture. We hope they’ll inspire your present (and future) design endeavors.

Freelance Tips: 9 Surefire Ways to Increase Your Creativity


We are all creative. We continuously create things, ideas, images etc. However, when discussing creativity, we do not refer only to the basic creation process. Making coffee for instance is a creative process that only requires you to follow some given instructions. The creativity representing the subject of this article requires something more. It mainly requires your capacity to see things differently from other people. It requires a deeper view and analysis of things and people. It requires unusual approaches, sometimes even absurd ones, but these are determining innovation and originality. And creativity is based on them.