15 Most Creative Package Designs


The simple truth is: packages sell products. Whether it is wine, boardgames, sandwiches, or books, people look at packages, and are drawn to what is inside them, so designing one is equal parts cool and hard. To give you a bit of design inspiration, and get those creative juices flowing, we have set out to make a list; a list that is comprised of some of the most creative package designs we could find out there.

Design Evolution of Official Wimbledon Programmes


The Wimbledon Championship was founded by the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club, who was a private club, back in 1877. It was originally called Sphairistike. And design has been a part of this superb sport since its founding. Its programme has changed significantly since its beginning, and we are here to show you how much design has changed over the past 126 years.

5 Great Career Tips for Junior Web Designers


Starting in a big company, as your first job, can be nerve-wrecking. There are so many things that you need to get accustomed to, in a short time. You will see so many people that you think they got it all figured out, but in fact, they are just going with the flow, learning every step of the way. Don’t despair, you will soon be able to fake it like them, and at least, you will have some experience to back it up. To get there, you need to practice every moment of your time, and put passion in what you do.

Deal of the Week: Learn How to Become a Better Graphic Designer & Earn More Money – Only $30


This course is for those creatives who do not want to set any limit on their earning potential. Actually it’s not only for graphic designers; it’s for anyone who works with various clients and wants to earn more. Join over 2,000+ paying students and learn about finding the perfect niche, why you need a mailing list, promoting on social media, through blogging and not only!

15 Awesome Gift Ideas for Designers


Buying gifts is hard. Sometimes, no matter how well you know a person, it just seems like there’s nothing left in the world to get him or her. This is especially true for creative people, such as designers. In this article, we will be showing you a list of some of coolest gift ideas we have come across lately, so you won’t have to stare blankly at the screen, thinking up search terms for Google.

Vibrant Illustrations by Yann aka Blind SALIDA


It is no secret that we are absolutely head over heels in love with illustrations. Whether they are watercolor, pencil, or digital, they have a special place in our heart, and we just can not get enough of looking at them. Today, we will be showing you the works of one of these artists, namely Yann, or how he is better known, Blind SALIDA.

Top 10 Design Events You Must Attend This Summer


Staying at home to work and do tutorials is all well and good, but there’s only so many vector illustrations you can do before it stops being fun. Besides, you probably want to stay in touch with trends, and see what other designers and artists are doing. Today, we will be showing you a list of some of the best design events that are taking place this summer, so you will not have to loose precious time looking for a place to spend your vacation.

Witty Illustrations by Nabhan Abdullatif: Visual Puns with Everyday Objects


Everyday objects can be funny. Yeah, they can be. Don’t trust me? Well, lets take a look at what Nabhan Abdullatif has to say about this. He is an Omani graphic artist and illustrator, mainly into conceptual illustration and vector art. If you need a pick me up, check his art work, you are not going to be disappointed. It is what the doctor prescribed for a rainy day. A good old laugh. Well, now, let’s not waste more time and get some giggles for ourselves.

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