FlatIcon.com: Pick Icons without Limits

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There is a new free tool for designers and developers made by Freepik’s team (remember they also developed by Joaquin Cuenca the free CSS3 free tool CSSMatic), called Flat Icon. In Flat Icon you can find nearly 3,000 free icons you can download as webfont, so you can use them in all your projects, SVG and PNG. All of them are scalable and accessible to each screen reader. In Freepik they are looking for gives you the best performance of the icon whatever device you use.

Design Resources: Fresh Air to the Icons World


Flat Icon is the new site that offers free icons to designers and developers. From Freepik’s team, it brings fresh air and provides not just new designs, also a new way to make things, free, fast and easily. If there is something that makes Flat Icon different is that gives you the opportunity to convert the icon into a web font on an easy way. Flat Icon makes easier the icon search and convert them faster into any format file.

3 Free Folder PSD Mock-ups from CompanyFolders.com!


Our friends from Company Folders have launched 3 awesome folder PSD mock-ups that I just had to share with you. They’re the ultimate folder boutique with the largest selection. Each of their hundred plus folders is fully customizable with a variety of stocks, coatings, foils, imprint methods and more. To get an idea of what you can get on their site, download these free PSD mock-ups and take them for a spin.

A Massive New Collection of Christmas Vectors, Ps Brushes & More from Designious.com


Among these resources you will find 10 new Christmas Vector Packs bundled altogether in a Christmas Mega Pack; 10 Christmas Photoshop Brushes with different Christmas characters & elements. But that wasn’t enough for them. They’ve also prepared a collection of 10 Premium Vector Packs with animal & bird skulls, medieval weapons, shields occult vectors, gambling vectors and stuffed them all into the Vintage Mega Pack 15 for half the price.

InkyDeals Birthday Giveaway – Get a Kindle Fire HD & Much More


Hey there guys! Boy, do I have some news for you. Our sister site InkyDeals and its adorable mascot Inky, who I’m sure you’re familiar with by now, are celebrating their first birthday. Inky wanted to share this special day with you guys, who have been by his side and have helped him grow. So he decided to show his gratitude by hosting a huge birthday giveaway.

Showcase of 20 Free Innovative Web Templates from 2012


You’re probably wondering by now what’s with all the freebies lately… Oh no, you’re not. I know for a fact from the feedback we’ve gotten from our section of vector freebies that many of you guys – our awesome readers – really enjoy them. Joking aside though, I hope you’ll enjoy this collection of the 20 most inspiring free web templates released in 2012. I’ve actually put in the effort to hand-pick all these awesome web design resources, so you guys can benefit from high quality materials.

15 Free Sets of 3D Vector Icons

As part of today’s inspirational content I thought it’d be nice to share with you some really cute and free 3D vector icons. Vector freebies are currently some of the most searched for design resources, which can not only enrich your personal collection of resources, but also keep you in touch with the latest design trends.
From web design projects, to beautiful business cards, logos or vector illustrations – they easily come in handy because they’re really versatile.

25 Websites with Free High Quality PSD Resources


When it comes to stacking up on the latest free high quality design resources, everyone could use a helping hand – that is, unless you don’t mind spending hours on end online, searching through millions of elements. So, to make your day a little brighter, I put together a list of websites and blogs whose PSD resources are downloaded and recommended by designers all over the world.

Design Resources: 10 Free Diversified Vector Packs

Today I’ve put together for you guys a small collection of 10 awesome free vector packs and I tried to make it as diversified as possible, so that you can really have where to choose from. Vectors are one of the most important design resources that can be used for a variety of projects from logos, backgrounds, banners, business card templates, wallpapers or detailed vector illustrations to amazing T-shirt designs.

20 Top-Quality Free UI Kits


A lot of things can be said when trying to answer the question ‘ What makes a user interface design excellent? ‘ . Numerous fellow developers may come up with thousands of opinions and arguments, but you can bet your bottom dollar that they will all agree on this one: it’s all about appearance and usability. Now, since none of you is crazy enough to disagree with these web design basics, I’ve put together this awesome collection of free UI kits which I’m sure will be more than useful to many of you developers out there, and not only.