Freebies: Vector Illustrations with Musical Instruments


Today’s gallery of free vectors contains elements related to the music field: musical instruments such as guitars, pianos, drums, flutes, accordions and much more, CD players, boomboxes, speakers, headphones, microphones, old school vinyls, cassettes, disco lights… pretty much all you could wish for your personal collection of design resources.

15 Most Awesome Free Vector Wings


For today, I’ve put together another cool collection of free vectors for you guys: wings. They’re an amazing resource because you can integrate them in so many of your projects. You can add them as elements on T-shirt designs, patterns, backgrounds, logos, emblems, crests and heraldry and even as tattoo inspiration.

Freebies – 15 Vector Seamless Patterns

Part of today’s inspirational content is a cool showcase of free seamless patterns, which can prove to be real time-savers for any designer. You can use them in web design projects or vector illustrations for creating backgrounds that will add depth and consistency to your work, or for fashion and textile purposes, package design and much more.

12 Awe-inspiring Free Vector Skulls

I’ve prepared a showcase of free vector skulls for you guys today. Most of them share a scary, grungy look, but I’ve managed to also sneak in a more varied free vector pack and a sugar skull, which would be perfect for one of your design projects related to Mexican culture, religion and the Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos). Also, you can always use them as a starting point and even central element of T-shirt designs, posters, wallpapers and much more.

Design Resources: 20 Free Disney Characters Vector Illustrations

I dreamt last night that I was living in a world with all my favorite Disney characters from when I was a child. Mickey Mouse was there with Minnie and Goofy, the little mermaid Ariel with Flounder and Sebastian, Winnie the Pooh with all his friends… I just had to share it with you guys somehow. And what better way to do that than through a showcase of free vectors with all my cartoon friends?

Green Is the New Black: 15 Eco-friendly Vector Illustrations

I thought we would pay a tribute to Mother Earth today through some meaningful vector illustrations: from animals telling the sad tale of how pollution affects their lives and an abstract image of cities’ contamination to vector shopping tags, maps, backgrounds, stickers and icons – we’ve got what it takes to paint today’s environmental picture.

15 Free Vector Tree Illustrations that Will Grow on You

Today’s post is dedicated to all the designers out there looking for free resources; whether you intend to use them as such or just inspiration, the quality of the vectors is of utmost importance. So I’ve prepared for you a showcase of free vector tree illustrations, ready to use in your design projects.

New Vector Resources from! Sugar Skulls, Seamless Patterns, Floral Vector Packs + Freebie


Boy oh boy, do we have news for all you creatives out there! We just released 9 incredible Sugar Skull Vector Packs, 10 beautiful Seamless Patterns Vector Packs and one of the most precious Floral Vector Pack you’ve ever seen!

Take this chance to complete your vector library with a brand new collection of high-end vector resources! Trust me, it will save you huge time and the outcome will surely impress anyone in design business. Give yourself an early Christmas gift, you deserve it!