6 Awesome New Design Resources & Freebie from DesignTNT


Our sister site DesignTNT is back with a couple of new awesome goodies, thus making the DesignTNT Bundle even bigger with $1754 worth of design resources, but remaining at the same price of $49! The team also managed to come up with 6 new marvelous sets such as: Pixel-Perfect Web Elements, 81 unique vector frames, Oktoberfest vector elements with beer mugs, stickers, barrels and pretzels, 30 highly-detailed vector autumn elements, 20 high-resolution grunge textures, watercolor splatter brushes and last but not least – 60 FREE Doodle Icons designed to give your works a more personal look.

20 Top-Quality Free UI Kits


A lot of things can be said when trying to answer the question ‘ What makes a user interface design excellent? ‘ . Numerous fellow developers may come up with thousands of opinions and arguments, but you can bet your bottom dollar that they will all agree on this one: it’s all about appearance and usability. Now, since none of you is crazy enough to disagree with these web design basics, I’ve put together this awesome collection of free UI kits which I’m sure will be more than useful to many of you developers out there, and not only.

11 Free Photorealistic Vector Elements

Photorealism is an artistic movement that originates from the late 1960s – early 1970s United States and initially involved paintings created to seem photographic. Since then, it has managed to permeate the field of graphic design and transpose into some amazing vector illustrations – which you could swear were raster images. Today, I put together for you guys a showcase of free photorealistic vectors, which you can use to set yourself apart from the competition.

10 Free Sets of Vector Scrapbook Elements

female nude entangled in roots

Digital scrapbooking is a popular activity, because it’s an easy, enjoyable and long-lasting method of creating the perfect setting for your family memories or personal projects. The advantage of vector scrapbook elements is that they look great at any resolution, so you can easily use them for printing purposes. Put your creative muscles to use in creating visually appealing cards, invitations, calendars, CD covers and much more with these awesome free sets.

10 Useful Infographic Elements Sets

two travelers meet a monster in cave

Today we’re going to take a look at some fresh design resources: sets of infographic elements. Infographics have become increasingly popular lately, because they’re a fun way to display and learn statistics and the general status of a certain domain. They can also come in handy in presentations, slide shows, display of statistics, websites, prints and much more. So don’t hesitate to grab these top quality sets that will help you create your own infographics!

Use Your Graphic Design Skills to Create Unique Gifts for Your Loved Ones!


I like to create gifts for my closest friends, like a painted photo frame, some wool warmers or handmade Christmas tree decorations and so on. That’s my thing, I create handmade stuff. But if you are a graphic designer, you also have the possibility of creating something truly unique by using your skills. It really makes a difference to give something made by you, it shows that you added a bit of your heart to that present.

New Floral, Scrolls, Shields Vector Packs & Freebie from Designious.com!

vector pack designious THUMB

Designious.com is back with more vector goodies! We just released 3 new beautiful floral vector packs, a shields vector pack and a fresh scrolls pack, as well as an awesome free sample from Vintage Mega Pack 13!
All the vector packs are top notch quality, designed in house by our talented artists. You want to save some time on your design projects? Then you’ve come to the right place! Check out the previews of the new vector packs.