Artist of the Week: Surreal Landscape Illustrations by Jonas De Ro


Jonas De Ro is a London based Belgian concept artist that was born and raised in Gent, a small Flemish city. In 2009 he graduated his masters program in traditional animation from the Royal Academy in Fine Arts but he chose not to pursue a career in this field, choosing instead to work as a texture photographer, providing various game and film studios around the world with his work.

Interview with Amazing Concept Artist Young June Choi a.k.a. GPZANG


Meet Young June Choi, an extremely talented Concept and 3D Artist from Seoul, Korea. He is the Art Director and part of the Graphic Team over at Blueside Inc. He also works on Modeling, Interface Design and Motion and has an impressive gallery of designs that I just had to share with you guys.

Artist of the Week – Character Illustrator Andreas Preis


Andreas Preis is a wonderful designer and illustrator from Berlin, Germany. I absolutely fell in love with his drawings and his illustrations as they are so full of detail and life. I enjoyed the expression on each character, the mix of colors and the concepts of each of his works. He has worked for important clients and agencies such as ESPN Classic, CK One, NIKE, Ogilvy, Tetrapack, TNT and so the list could go on. Check out his artworks!

Interview with talented concept artist Yu Cheng Hong


Yu Cheng Hong is a very talented artist from Taiwan. Yu Cheng is a well known skilled digital artist, creating some of the most beautiful characters and illustrations I have ever seen! I am simply blown away by this guys’ imagination! Take a look at the concepts, the level of detail, the colors and and shapes, his artwork is simply amazing!

Artist of the Week – Illustrator Richard Roberts


Richard Roberts is a talented illustrator who is currently living in Milwaukee, USA. Richard has a background of over five years in illustrating digital artworks, he was featured in publications and worked with clients world wide. Roberts works mostly in the digital illustrations and photo manipulation area, but he is a versatile artist, he uses an array of different styles and takes a variety of projects.

Artist of the Week – Archan Nair

Archan Nair 1

Archan Nair is a 29 year old artist from New Delhi. Nair is a self developed visual artist, illustrator, art director and digital artist, also specialized in mixed media.
He started painting in 2006 and since then he collaborated with various companies such as Nike, Canon, Sony etc. and he’s been featured in publications such as Digital Arts, Computer Arts, GQ, Advanced Photoshop, Bak and Vanity Fair.