Must-Read Free eBooks for Graphic Designers

Must-Read Free eBooks

Graphic design is an outlet for creativity, but creativity isn’t where it begins and ends. Like all crafts, it needs to be studied, mastered and applied. In “ye olde” days, craftsmen had apprentices which worked for them and, hopefully, learned from them. These days, craftsmen are authors. They write books about their experiences, and some of these books you can get for free.

25 Creative CV Templates that Will Make You Stand Out

25 creative cv templates

Your résumé is your calling card. It’s as simple as that. Getting hired is tough, especially these days. Everyone seems to be looking for a job. That’s why it’s important to make sure your CV or portfolio stand out from the others, because the pile is going to be very big.

10 Ebooks for Software Developers and Programmers

10 ebooks for software developers

Persistence, passion and the will to learn will always trump natural talent. But you need to start somewhere, learning won’t just hit you from the sky and you will magically be great at something. You require hard work and many many hours spent in front of a book, your kindle or whatever you use to indulge in knowledge. We have rounded up 10 new ebooks for software developers and programmers, that will surely guide you on your path.

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