Artist of the Week: Shaping Clouds Project by Martin Feijoo


Artist Martin Feijoo lets his mind loose, and his goal is to reach the sky and draw on it, and I’m not even kidding. He takes photos of clouds in the sky and later he draws on them and creates fun, and awesome art – “When I was a child I was told that clouds’ shapes were created by expert balloon twister clowns who live in the sky, so that they can keep entertaining children.

6 Secrets Designers Won’t Tell


Trade secrets are really hard to find out. Designers try to keep them as secret as they can, but to no success. Well, they won’t get any help from us. We are here to share tips and tricks so every creative professional’s dream comes to reality. We have rounded up 6 secrets designers won’t tell.

10 Breathtaking Street Art that Interacts with Its Surroundings


Street art is usually frowned upon by the elderly, the conservatives; street art is meant to disrupt its environment, bring something new and eye-catching. The best artwork, because yes, it is artwork, withstand the test of time, and it is truly a pleasure to see that it reoccurs from generation to generation. It is quite interesting to see how it evolves through time. And more interesting is to see how an artists imagination works. We decided to hand pick some of the greatest street art there is.

Stars of Brazil 2014 by Rudi Gundersen


If you are as curious as us, you can check more of his work in his Facebook, and Behance pages. You can also follow his Twitter, and Instagram feed. If you have fallen in love with his work, and wish to buy it, you can do it by accessing his society6 page shop. Maybe, you just want to drop by and say hi. You can also do that by e-mailing him at Well, enough talking. Lets immerse ourselves into Rudi’s world.

15 Digital Artists that You Have to Check Out


Digital art is an excellent example of science being used to create art, and it is also pretty much ubiquitous in this day and age. Chances are that digital art is also the means by which you make a living, so inspiration is key to earning your wages. That’s why we decided to make a list of some pretty cool digital artists that you should totally check out.

Modern Disney Characters by José Rodolfo Loaiza Ontiveros


As Joss Wheadon says, there are few things that shape our minds as children more than Disney. The studio has been around for just over 90 years, now, and it has brought us some of the most iconic characters to ever be seen on screen. Admittedly, many of these were already around for centuries, being in fact fairytale characters, such as Snow White or the Little Mermaid.

Artist of the Week: 3D Paper Art by Lydia Kasumi Shirreff


Paper art, or paper sculpture as it is also known, is probably the cheapest and most accessible form of sculpture invented. That is not not say, of course, that the results reflect this cheapness. Paper art deserves to be called art, not only because it is a way for the artist to express him or herself, but because the results are often absolutely stunning.

Foodscapes a.k.a Landscapes Made from Food by Carl Warner


Whether you agree or not with what mister Andy Rooney said, you have to admit that carefully arranged food looks really cool. A nice presentation builds appetite, and you feel as if the cook put it that little extra effort to make your meal a truly pleasant experience, and that you are getting your money’s worth. But intricately designed food is not limited to the plate. Carl Warner found a totally new way to approach the art of food presentation.

Illustrator and Photoshop Tutorials Roundup – March 2014


About 200 years ago (give or take) it was a real risky choice, making your living out of producing images. Painters were, mostly, starving bohemians that sold their works for a meal or something to drink, and the few that did have success where mostly born into it. Now, in an age where basically everyone has access to information, everybody wants art.

Artist of the Week: Unconventional Graffiti Artist Above


Love it or hate it, graffiti has revolutionized the way we think of art. It is anarchic, untamed, ephemeral at times, and difficult. Like the impressionists before them, graffiti artists take art to the streets, only in a much more literal way. Their works show up over night, and many times disappear even quicker, erased by the authorities, in what some might call a misguided attempt at keeping the community clean.