Top 20 Free Graffiti Fonts


Nowadays, graffiti is an accepted art form to which many people are attracted to, whether as art creators or art consumers. In this article, we will be rounding up the best free graffiti fonts we have found while navigating the treacherous waters of the internet, so you do not have to waste precious time looking for them yourself.

Artist of the Week: Incredible 3D Graffiti Illusions By Odeith

3D Graffiti

We here at Pixel77 have taken a look at art based on visual illusions a few times before, in the past, and today I will be showcasing some pretty awesome Incredible 3D Graffiti by Odeith.

Artist of the Week: Steampunk Animal Sculptures by Igor Verniy

Igor Verniy steampunk animal sculptures

We have taken a look at steampunk before, and you can check that out as well. But in today’s article, I will be showing you some of Russian metal sculptor Igor Verniy’s amazing steampunk sculptures.

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