Art History Influence on Modern Design: Baroque Style


In the previous post I started writing about some of the most important styles of art history, and I began with the Gothic Style from the Medieval Period.
Today I am moving on to another important style, this time from the Western Art: Baroque Style.

5 Daily Creativity Killers and How to Get Rid of Them


Creative people tend to stand apart from the crowd. For one thing, they do not ‘process’ the same way almost everybody else does. They require their own kind of space to work. Where most people need structure, creative, tech and production guys and gals need fluidity. You never really know from where inspiration will come. Creativity…

The One-Man Art Department: Interview with Eric Larsen


Eric Larsen is a Portland, Oregon-based illustrator or, at least, he was. As he himself puts it, he is”one of the people who recently joined the growing exodus of artistic people out of that city (fleeing the Portland’s famously-overinflated housing costs and the state’s insatiable tax structure), moving just across the river to a ‘burb…

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