20 Breathtaking Photos that Will Get You Hooked on Phoneography


The oh-so popular term of phoneography comes from a pretty much self-explanatory combination between the words “phone” and “photography”. It’s the trending passion of design enthusiasts and tech-lovers everywhere: taking and editing seriously amazing photos with your mobile phone. So today I thought we’d get a taste of what this emerging trend entails.

7 New Top-Notch Design Resources from DesignTNT!


Our sister site, DesignTNT just came up with another batch of top of the line design resources. This time we’re talking about 7 gorgeous sets such as: coffee stains Ps brushes which will look pretty awesome in your designs, Vector Notebook Pages ideal for blogs or illustrations, 22 top-quality subtle patterns for Photoshop, 9 high-resolution polished metal textures, 20 awesome painted symbols and signs which will give your work a more personal touch, a jaw-dropping Ps action – the Engraver Photoshop Action and 300 hand-drawn doodle icons.

20 Photoshop Tutorials for Improving Your Digital Painting Skills


Digital painting is a prominent trend which sparks design inspiration and passion in the hearts of design enthusiasts everywhere, due to its closeness to traditional art. The details and realistic appearance are astonishing and they require certain skills which we will adopt/improve today. I’ve hand-picked 20 of the most popular tutorials on the subject to help you guys begin (or continue) this artistic journey.

Artist of the Week – Amazing Illustrator Alberto Seveso


Today, I wanted to introduce you guys to Alberto Seveso, a graphic designer and illustrator from Italy. He is known for his unusual technique called “sperm shaping”, which basically represents mixing colorful vector with photos. He has created amazing designs for sonorous names such as Bacardi, ESPN Magazine and Playboy Magazine, has designed the packaging of Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended and is internationally appreciated for his unique artistic style.