GIFs: The Journey from Website Ornament to Fine Art

gif 8

In June of this year, the GIF will celebrate its 29th birthday. The file format has been around even before the first Internet website came online. Unexpectedly It has managed not only to survive this long but also go through some very dramatic and interesting changes. In this article we will briefly go through the…

26 Years of Web Design: Lessons Learned

the history of webdesign 10

There are many things we take for granted nowadays, but the top of the list must be internet access. A few years ago, the internet was still in its infancy, and web design consisted of arranging blue links on a page as efficiently as possible. To understand how much both the internet and web design…

5 Simple Things To Keep You Productive When Working From Home


“Using simpler forms and straightforward, easy-to-use instruments and controls allows you to achieve a very high level of craftsmanship. We then use color and texture to create a personality for each vehicle.” – Larry Erickson Procrastination tends to be a horrifying mistress. Sometimes, it can do wonders for your creativity and your mood, but most of…

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