Practical Guide: How to Overcome Creative Block


A creative block is the lack of ability to access the stream of ideas and inspiration which usually flows in your mind. This can last for hours, days or even months or years and can feel like an unending drought. However, there are a number of different types of creative block and identifying the block can be the key to removing it.

Landscape Photography: Short History and Tips


Rolling hills covered in long blades of green grass that bend with the wind stretch out beyond the horizon, a river eases itself between them and empties into a small lake… Words provide a description, but a great landscape photograph brings the image to life with all the energy, vibrancy and awe of being there.

Interview with Adam McIntyre – Insight into a Freelancer’s Life


You’ve probably noticed that lately, the articles have focused on resources and tips for freelancers, such as how to increase productivity and reduce stress and how to work with different types of clients. Well today we’re continuing this trend with an interview with Adam McIntyre – the founder of FlyerHeroes. He was kind enough to welcome us into his life in Thailand (where he’s currently living), and talk about the pros and cons of being a freelancer: time management issues, the freedom to travel and more.

New at 20 Awesome T-shirt Designs


Our artist took it to the next level of perfection when they’ve created these 20 brand-new designs with brilliant visual graphics. Among them you will find lots of sugar skulls, hipster sugar skulls, witches, Native American designs, pirates and more. These vectors will definitely make some jaws drop if used in the right context.