Top 40 Photoshop & Illustrator Tutorials from 2013


We’ve put together a huge list of tutorials for both Photoshop and Illustrator for you to go through. Why? Well, we believe that design, even more than other jobs, is one where you need to constantly strive to learn new things and to continually improve. That’s the reason why we’ve put together a list of our favorite 40 tutorials of the year 2013.

5 Project Management Tools for Designers & Why You Should Use Them


Project management can be a difficult task to perform. You can easily find yourself swamped with things to do and may even wind up overlooking essential aspects of your project because of the sheer amount of work related to successfully managing a project. Seeing as the design industry is no different than any other, you should look at these tools as more design resources. That’s why you should take a look at the following tools and give them a shot.

6 Steps for Designers to Do Things Efficiently and Quickly


As Neil Gaiman once said, there are three qualities the ideal collaborator has: he does great work, he does it fast and he’s always a pleasure to talk to. Still, none of us are perfect. That’s why in order to be a good collaborator, you need to only have two of these.

10 New Vintage Ornaments Vector Packs & 1 Mega Pack from


Many of you are already used with their top-of-the-line design resources, but this is different. Each vector from these 10 packs the closest one can get to perfection; the level of detail is incredible, the fonts are carefully picked and will look great combined with some other vintage vector or floral vectors.

Artist of the Week: Surreal Landscape Illustrations by Jonas De Ro


Jonas De Ro is a London based Belgian concept artist that was born and raised in Gent, a small Flemish city. In 2009 he graduated his masters program in traditional animation from the Royal Academy in Fine Arts but he chose not to pursue a career in this field, choosing instead to work as a texture photographer, providing various game and film studios around the world with his work.