7 Quick Tips: How to Optimize Your Images for Great Search Results


Ever been tempted to upload your image to your WordPress dashboard and just insert it in a post as is? Of course, we all have at some point. Thing is, if you use images that way, your WordPress site (any type of site for that matter) will soon get really clunky and you’ll even lose search engine rankings because of that. Let me explain how to use images properly both in terms of SEO and overall site performance.

5 Creative Ways to Market Yourself as a Designer


It’s the age old dilemma of the creative person: you’re a designer, not a marketer, and you’d probably prefer to spend all of your waking hours doing what you’re actually passionate about, not beating the pavement. Alas, to pay the bills you need customers, and to get customers, you’ve got to engage in at least some marketing activities.

Deal of the Week: The Ultimate Black Friday Bundle worth $5,013 for Only $59!


Our sister website, Inky Deals wanted to surprise you with the biggest and most awesome Black Friday Bundle you’ve ever seen, and the results are out of proportions. This year’s Bundle is valued at more than $5,000, and it is stuffed with everything you could possibly need and more!

99 Tools for Successfully Running Your Online Business


Running a business can be described as a never-ending challenge. There’s always something to be done or some problem to be solved. Running an online business is even harder. You need to use the various tools and apps that were designed to solve the most common business problems, be they related to communication and collaboration, billing and accounting or calendars and scheduling.

3 Easy Ways to Deal with Change within Your Team of Designers


Twenty years ago, school career advice didn’t even list design as a possible occupation. The design industry has grown up a lot since then and is now at the heart of the creative industries which, in turn, are now the second largest industry in the UK after finance. It’s fair to say that jobs within the design industry are hugely competitive, once you have found the talent ideal for your business; it’s all about maintaining a good relationship with your designers and ensuring they are happy within the workplace.