Obama t-shirt designs


We have created 6 t-shirt designs with the elected president of USA Barack Obama. Check them out:

Obama t-shirt design 1

obama-t-shirt design

Obama t-shirt design 2

obama t-shirt design 2

Obama t-shirt design 3

obama t-shirt design 3

Obama t-shirt design 4

obama t-shirt design 4

Obama t-shirt design 5

obama t-shirt design 5

Obama t-shirt design 6

obama t-shirt design 6



  1. Carlos Bernal says

    This is worship of a man that has done nothing! He has no accomplishments of CHANGING anything positively yet the gullible are adore him! Scary!

  2. Joey says

    Didn’t know Obama is a zombie. Horrible typefaces. Cliched designs. Keep it up!

  3. JN says

    Honestly, they are horrible. And please stop contributing to this creepy cult of personality.

  4. says


    can you make more obama t shirt vector? i will buy it if more attractive vector available..