15 Memorable Street Art Masterpieces by Banksy

Banksy is one of the most famous graffiti artists out there, in part because he has managed to keep his identity a mystery. Based in England, this artist has transformed walls, streets, sidewalks and just about anything he can manage to tag with satirical pieces that are derived from pop culture and politics. Using stenciling and dark humor, his work is an inspiration to designers and artists everywhere and evokes thought as visual social commentary.

He is one of the most irreverent and iconic graffiti artists of this generation and has created many memorable masterpieces in many parts of the world for close to 20 years. Here is some of the most influential art by Banksy:

Art on the Bethlehem Security Wall (Israeli West Bank Barrier):

Pat Down

Peace Dove

From all over London:

Pulp Fiction

Charles Manson

Graffiti Removal

Street Maid

Police Officer

War and Peace



In 2011, Banksy was nominated for an Academy Award for directing “Exit Through the Gift Shop: A Banksy Film” about street art. His work has been coveted by the stars and lauded by museums all over the world. He maintains his anonymity by wearing a monkey mask and altering his voice in the film and other interviews.



Caught in the Act


Camera Man


Forgive Us

Kentucky Fox

Which graffiti inspired or touched you the most? And what do you think about Banksy’s work?

Check out Banksy’s website for more of his amazing work.

Nora Reed

Fantastic Street arts!! Very nice collection :)

Alex | CrazyLeaf Design Blog

Awesome Pulp Fiction graphic. Beautiful collection.

AJA Web Design

He’s great isn’t he.. i love exit through the gift shop and one of the belivers that its an anti-establishment, dig at the artworld set up.. what makes him great is i doubt that he’s any where near as pretentious as the people who buy him…


Exit Through The Gift Shop - The Best Banksy Movies

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Ajaz Naeem

nice one banksy, also raza smells

Ajaz Naeem

banksy im your dad

Ajaz Naeem

raza’s mum raped him

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