Meet The Team Behind Designious


Do you often find yourself looking at some awesome works or a cool website and ask yourself: “I wonder who is the person who did this or how does he/she look like?”. I admit I often do that :)

Last week we had some fun – as we always do, and, because the weather was a lot warmer than before, we took a small break and went outside for an “incognito” photo shooting. To make the photos even more representative and to celebrate spring, we all put on t-shirts with (obviously) our designs. Yes, I know, we are not very modest :)

Things got a little crazy and I admit, the photos are not quite professional, but we are not photographers :) This is WHAT/WHO we ARE:

Ok, here it goes, from left to right you will see in the photo:

1. Cip – Project Manager

2. Vio – Art Director

3. Adriana – Blogger

4. Raluca aka Stencil – Graphic Designer

5. Alex – Marketing Director

6. Ovidiu aka Doink – Graphic Designer

7. Laur – Graphic Designer

8. Marius – Programmer

Here are more photos of us, please don’t laugh (too much):

So this is Designious, nice to meet you! :)

Later edit: The t-shirts we are wearing were printed by the awesome guys at

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  1. says

    That’s really great to meet people behind the Designious! You guys looking awesome with beautiful t-shirts :)

  2. says

    Great shoot and nice urban backdrop with all the graffiti, great to see who you all are, and keep up the good work and supporting the design community.