New Jaw-Dropping T-shirt Designs, Beautiful Seamless Patterns Vector Packs & Freebie from!

Hope you’re sitting down while you’re reading this and looking at the previews of the new vector goodies! Our artists took it to the next level of perfection when they’ve created 10 brand new t-shirt designs, 10 fresh seamless patterns vector packs – all packs included in a brand new seamless mega pack. To add a cherry on top of this, we are also giving you a freebie from this new mega pack to see for yourself the quality of our work. Enough talk now, check them out:

T-shirt design 390 – Roman Helmet

T-shirt design 391 – Vintage Crest with Flowers

T-shirt design 392 – Engraved Angel

T-shirt design 393 – Helmet on Battle Standard

T-shirt design 394 – Archangel and Flowers

T-shirt design 395 – Skull

T-shirt design 396 – Demon Skull

T-shirt design 397 – Evil Skull with Crown

T-shirt design 398 – Bali Demon and Flowers

T-shirt design 399 – SPQR

Seamless Patterns Vector Pack 49

Seamless Patterns Vector Pack 50

Seamless Patterns Vector Pack 51

Seamless Patterns Vector Pack 52

Seamless Patterns Vector Pack 53

Seamless Patterns Vector Pack 54

Seamless Patterns Vector Pack 55

Seamless Patterns Vector Pack 56

Seamless Patterns Vector pack 57

Seamless Patterns Vector Pack 58

Save 50% on all 10 Seamless Patterns Vector Packs above!

Save 50% on all the packs included! Download this huge set of high quality vector patterns with birds and butterflies! Use them in prints, illustrations, posters, web templates and more.

Birds & Butterflies Vector Mega Pack 1


Free Vector Birds Seamless Pattern

Now stop drooling and get your hands on all these awesome design resources!

Jaw-Dropping T-shirt Designs, Seamless Patterns Vector Packs & Freebie! | Design News

[…] Jaw-Dropping T-shirt Designs, Seamless Patterns Vector Packs & Freebie! […]



Atul patel

very good t shirt design.
i like it

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[…] jaw dropping tshirt designs seamless patterns vector pack freebie […]

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