Graphic Design Ideas that Go Tick-Tock!


Time is a crucial element of our daily routine and life. Numerous poems and songs have been written about it along the years and it is our constant point of reference – so much so, that it has almost become a currency. So naturally we had to have a device that would help us measure and keep track of it. The watch (or clock) is the one we are using as design inspiration today.

Whether we’re talking wristwatch, pocket watch, tower clock or wall clock, it definitely provides us comfort (or nervousness) and can be great inspiration for vector illustrations. Let’s see.

A person can tell just through a glance what point of their daily schedule they’ve reached.

Even animals have found some use for them.

And, of course, painters have portrayed their mercilessness.

Taking the “time” factor out of the equation, clocks are actually fascinating mechanisms.

No matter how much you’d like it, you can’t literally kill time!

Now, going back to our previous statement: clocks are really interesting and elegant devices, come to think about it.


Let’s add some Santa Claus clocks in the mix. After all, Christmas is almost here.

In the end… whatever size, shape or color, these clocks are illustrated to impress.

So what do you say… do you share our love for these clock illustrations?



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    Thanks for the timely tips! For those who design for prepress usage, Markzware has a video on how to save a file for prepress in Illustrator. Thank you for sharing.