Giveaway – Win the Responsive Web Design App Breezi!


Today you have the unique opportunity to win the amazing responsive web design app for designers called Breezi! It fixes mistakes and gives you inspiration as you design. Made for executing small projects, Breezi empowers you to create fully custom websites faster, with pixel level design control & zero coding.

In case you haven’t heard about it, it’s time to sit down and put your glasses on – because it’s going to be worth the read. All you have to do to win is leave a comment below and tell us why Breezi would be useful to you. But first, let me show you why it would be useful.

What sets Breezi apart

While Breezi offers unprecedented flexibility and control through its intuitive visual editor, what really sets it apart from the sea of commodity website builders and design apps, and makes it perfect for small website projects, are features like:

The Cleaner: Detects and fixes spacing and font inconsistencies
Design Shuffler: Endless inspiration with thousands of style options you can preview & apply
Visual CSS: Easily set custom style profiles visually, and then reuse & link them
Mobile Device Optimization: Advanced behavior adaptation for mobile & tablet optimization
FTP Syncing: Back up your site, host with us, or host it anywhere you’d like – your choice!

What types of websites Breezi is ideal for

While Breezi has been used to design all sorts of websites – ranging from ecommerce stores and blogs, to product landing pages, microsites, and portfolios – it is best suited for executing small projects quickly.

Many designers often have to pass on these smaller projects due to budget and time limitations. But with Breezi, it’s now possible to create a wide variety of different types of small websites, for weddings, microsites, events, side projects, product marketing sites, landing pages, and much more. Let’s take a look at some screenshots of sample sites created with Breezi:

Simple enough for beginners, with 360° control for pros

Apps Galore: Blogging, e-commerce, social media, galleries, and much more
Skins: Pick a professionally designed skin, or create your own with full customization
Pixel Level Control: Style dots & bulk style editing to precisely design every detail
Layout Builder: Create just about any page layout you can dream up
Color Palettes: Preview your site in hundreds of different predefined color palettes
500+ Fonts: Direct integration with Google Web Fonts, giving you the full library of options
Advanced Image Editing: Aviary integration with loads of image editing tools
SEO Controls: Auto sitemap generation, easy meta data management, custom URLs & more
Unlimited Pages: No limits on number of pages, disc space or storage
Your Own Domain: Use any custom domain you’d like
Live Chat Support: Chat with a real person to get quick answers and help


Everyone starts out with a 14-day free trial, with full access to all of Breezi’s features. Upgrading to Breezi Pro is $9/month or $99/year. So win your very own Breezi today and take advantage of creative freedom coupled with intuitive tools, to design your websites quickly.

What you have to do to win

Simple as pie. All you have to do is tell us in the comments section below why you’d absolutely love to win Breezi. The contest ends Thursday, January 24th. The winner will be chosen through and announced here on the blog Friday, January 25th. Best of luck!


  1. Jeff Frazier says

    I would love to win Breezi! It would help a lot with my website.

  2. Nate Austin says

    I would love using Breezi, it appears to me that it would take out a lot of the small headaches and make my productivity so much smoother.. even breezy ;) I would love to win this offer.

  3. Nate Austin says

    I would love using Breezi, it appears to me that it would take out a lot of the small headaches and make my productivity so much smoother.. even breezy ;) I would love to win this offer.

  4. says

    The reasons that I would love to win Breezi are for the following:
    – It syncs my Website via FTP, Google Drive or Dropbox
    – It offers more than 500 fonts.
    – I can edit my stuff on CMS View.
    – I can layout the page in the way I like.
    – It provides many useful and beatiful apps,
    – And many many more things
    – and just for $9 per month
    I love it :)

  5. PB Sara Dubois says

    Winning Breezi would be fantastic for me and my small web design business! Being a one-person team I am always on the lookout for things to make the web design and coding process smoother, faster and more efficient and Breezi seems to be the key! So excited to get my hands on it :)

  6. says

    I’m always looking for ways to speed up my design process, and I think Breezi would especially be helpful when my partner (the tech guy) is busy on other projects.

  7. Joy says

    I would love to win this! It would give me the opportunity to design myself a website that would get me exposure and work. I’m trying to get work as a freelance designer and need a way to put myself out there and get noticed. From what I can tell, this would be just the ticket.

  8. Mac McCormick says

    I'm just striking out on my own in the terrifying freelance waters and this little life vest would help so much!!!

  9. says

    Winning Breezi would be so awesome! I am always on the lookout for things to expand my business. I am a novice web designer and this would really help me in designing websites. Breezi seems to be the perfect solution!

  10. says

    Just need a program to work for me so I can focus more on the creative side. Would absolutely love to try this and take me to another level in my career by using this. Brillant work to the creators!

  11. Albert Marrtinez says

    Winning Breezi would help me utilize and acquire an indespensible and unique set of design tools. These tools can only add sucess and great additional technique and application skills to better enhance my freelance design work, for example. Building my professional website would be the way to start off as my first of many official Breezi projects!

  12. Effy Huang says

    As a web designer as well as blogger, Breezi would allow me focus on client-based concerns as well as give me the freedom and flexibility to provide content-driven sites that works in conjunction with stellar architectural form. Microsites are the wave of the future with mobile devices becoming not just relevant but necessary more than ever.

  13. says

    I’ve been hand-coding websites since 1997 … maybe it’s time to go for something a little easier.

  14. says

    I would LOVE to win Breezi! I have tons of small website jobs I have to turn away because they take just as long as the larger sites and there isn’t much profit doing them. Winning Breezi would allow me to build business by allowing small site jobs into production and would offer small sites at a reasonable price and turn around time! I hope I win thank you!

  15. says

    Winning the Breezi offer would be amazing. I am a graphic designer would specializes primarily in branding and the opportunity of being able to have full control of clients websites without having to code anything sounds like a creative windfall to me. I would love to be able further my won professional development and opening up the web portion of the industry more with this tool and increasing my productivity. Thanks for considering me and all the other young professionals looking for a leg up.

  16. David McCormack says

    I had to give up on back-end design, it's so much better to focus on the user experience and visual elements of the site without being restricted by my knowledge of coding! I've been waiting for this and would be delighted to win this amazing resource! Thanks!

  17. Echo says

    I would like to win it because it sounds like it would make me look like I was good at this stuff when really I am not at all but in need of a website that helps me get my awesome business online in style. looking more like the big players.

  18. Anonymous says

    I want to win the Breezi so that I can finish my personal website..Also I want to know more about breezi.And see if I can find something new to learn.

  19. says

    I neeeeeed this! I'm just a poor boy struggling to get my first web site together. If Breezi is compatible with a Mac G4 running 10.5.8…. I'd be thrilled to win BREEZI! It will be my first web design app.

  20. says

    I neeeed this! I'm just a poor boy struggling to get my first web site together.I have no web design software…. BREEZI will be my first web design app… I will be thrilled to win BREEZI!

  21. says

    Hello Bonjour !
    J’ai deux petits sites :
    – l’un pour un groupe d’impro vocale que j’ai créé
    – l’autre ppour mes activités artistiques personnelles
    Je cherche un logiciel simple et efficace pour réactualiser/refaire ces sites.
    J’espère que Breezi sera le logiciel “prince charmant que j’attends depuis si longtemps !
    In English :
    Hello Bonjour!
    I have two small sites:
    – One for a group of vocal improv which I created
    – The other for my personal artistic activities
    I look for a simple and effective software to update / redo these sites.
    I hope that Breezi will be the “charming prince” software for whom I wait since so for a long time!

  22. John Good says

    I have a band. And I have a family. And I’m a painter/printmaker with a kind of website. Small sites is what I am, but I’ve not been able to make one that is Great Really Great. Do you think Breezi can help?

  23. Sandy says

    I have been trying to re-do the website and would rather do anything but that. I would love to win Breezi, it appears to me that it would take out a lot of the small headaches and make my productivity so much more then I thought possible. I would love to win this offer.PLEASE help me- help me.

  24. says

    I absolutely love to win Breezi, beacuse it’s going to help me to fixed my font inconsistencies, plus and sure it’s going to help me with the inspiration I need with those thousands style options and It’s going to give the Mobile optimization I need to become a super web designer thanks to Breezi.

  25. says

    Breezi would be a fantastic addition to my business. I have designed the navigation and layout for my client’s sites, but always had to hire a PHP coder to finish it up on the back end, resulting in a higher priced website than a small business budget allows. Many of my clients NEED a simple website and I would like to set them all up with ones with a lower cost. We are a one-stop-shop, with the exception of the websites. Would like to get back into the arena. However, even if I don’t win, I believe your product is just what I need and may sign up for the subscription after the drawing anyway.
    Thanks for offering such a great giveaway!

  26. says

    Breezi is such a cool app! With all the pleasure of a fast and responsive visual editor and none of the pain from coding and trouble shooting. I need this now!

  27. says

    I would love to win Breezi!!


    I am an artist who is passionate about creating my work from scratch. I do concept, design, 3d creation, fabrication of my own resin/plastic figures which are created traditionally and through 3d printing.

    This takes an enormous effort and time — as well as upkeep of multiple skill sets. As a result, my web dev expertise is something I have always regretted having to compromise on.

    Having a strong online presence, is absolutely vital for exposure of my work, and the life of my small business.

    I have always been on the lookout for a really solid web creation toolkit, and Breezi is the perfect solution.

    There is no doubt that I Breezi was made for someone just like me, which is why I would absolutely love to win Breezi.

    Thank you very much!!

    • Brian says

      Here is my test site designed on breezi for my next DesignerToy launch — taking the theme of a fictional company!

      I absolutely love breezi!

  28. Phil says

    Hi there, breezi. I am a designer in need of a website for my work, for my pleasure and for the future. You are everything I need. I do the interesting, creative, long night bits and you do all the boring, consistent bits and you share the long nights with me. We are made for each other. Look forward to a hanging out with you.

  29. Philip Bonhard says

    I would love to win breezi so I can concept and prototype new design easily and amaze clients!

  30. karin says

    Would be a lovely alternative to WordPress and I’m in the process to set up at least one new site and breezi would make may day

  31. says

    Because the time is what all need and with Breezi that would be no problem, it will help me a lot to make good looking profesional websites.

  32. shannon says

    I’d use Breezi to help build websites for my non-profit which helps bring yoga to those affected by addiction. I’m a good designer, but Dreamweaver has me stumped! We just got a grant but still need to keep things super tight financially. With Breezi I could create a website that will launch us onto a level where we can make a difference.

  33. says

    I love new things and large cups of coffee to fuel my creative mojo! I think Breezi would be a great creative partner for my mojo and my over-sized mug of coffee. Pick me! Pick me!

  34. Anonymous says

    I have been away from the industry for 5 years. Winning a tool like Breezi that not only allows me to accomplish more work in less time but also brings inspiration to my projects is unheard of. For those reasons alone it is worth winning. But allowing me to be able to produce the quality of much bigger more expensive tools, while keeping my little brain focused on the design, not the code is absolutely the best. Their once was a tool kinda like this not as polished, thank you for taking the time to build something geared towards designers and not coders.

  35. Amber says

    I would love to win Breezi to take the angst out of responsive design.