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When your business flourishes, your audience is constantly growing, and your team is dynamically improving the service – you want to share the happiness with others. Webydo, an extremely popular online site builder is giving you the opportunity to win one of 3 lifetime subscriptions to their platform.

Webydo Quick Facts

Interested yet? Learn the basic characteristics of this platform and you will be even more motivated to get their free lifetime plan:

  • What is Webydo? – This is a cloud hosting web service that allows customers to design a website for free without writing a single line of code. Its target users who are designers and don’t want to be enslaved to coding technicalities.
  • How does it work? – Webydo liberates users from their dependency on writing never-ending codes with its well-thought-out patent-pending DMS (Design Management System). This is to say that every Webydo-powered website is a unique product. Gone are the days of boring default templates – meet fully customizable design management systems (where you can crop, resize and drag-and-drop any visual objects you like)!
  • What about management? – Webydo’s CMS is as simple and straightforward as their DMS. It enables you to add, edit, and remove any kind of content without interfering website design.
  • Can I publish my Webydo-powered website? – Yes, of course! Simply press ‘Publish’ and enjoy the benefits of the cloud hosting infrastructure of this platform.

By Designers, For Designers

Not only does Webydo offer a wide selection of web design tools, it also helps you create your personal web design studio with a unique atmosphere. Once you’ve registered on this platform, you’ll become a part of their friendly Webydo Community. This means you’ll be able to suggest new features, vote for other designers’ suggestions, report bugs, and take part in topical discussions.

How to Get a Webydo Account for Free

Actually, you don’t need to pay in order to create a website on Webydo – you can use their web design suite for free limitlessly. However, if you want to publish your client’s website using a top-level domain, you’ll need to upgrade your subscription. This will cost you only $9.90 per month or $7.90 if billed annually.

How to Enter the Contest

All you have to do is leave a comment below and tell us why you like Webydo and what website you’d like to create first. The contest ends Monday, July 15th. The winners will be chosen through and announced here on the blog on Tuesday, July 16. Good luck!


  1. says, at first glance, looks to be an intuitive tool to use to produce web sites; and the amount of features, not limited to social media linkage, make this host very attractive. Though I do like to have control of the code of my pages, looks to provide features for my site (and possibly others should I go freelance – something I’ve always wanted to do). Also, site maintenance will be a lot easier and quicker to do with WEBYDO. I would be able to do more with such a tool and host at my disposal.

  2. says

    Thanks for posting and good luck to all those entering! Keep on sharing the Webydo love. Without the support from our designers, Webydo wouldn’t be where it is today. Remember, if you have a feature you want to suggest to Webydo we want to see it! Go to our participate page and tell us what you want to see. It could be our next feature that gets developed on

    Good luck!

    Community Manager at Webydo

  3. Joanne says

    I like that you can make layouts without the code. I would use this site for portfolio purposes

  4. Rachelle says

    Webydo sounds great for designers like me,who specialise in print but have no coding skills.
    I would love to have control designing a web page that I could display my work and that I could show potential clients in the future.
    Winning this would be very cool!

  5. Fausta says

    Webydo is exactly what i need. I’d love to make websites, but have no clue about programing, that stops me from making websites. I’d love to make my own portfolio and find another great job with sharing it. And that my friends and coleagues would say “damn girl, this is so awesome” :)

  6. Barb says

    I would love to win this! I want to make my own website for my educational products and digital scrapbooking items. But I haven’t been able to because it’s so confusing. It would be so awesome to win this! Thanks for the chance!

  7. says

    I would use it for myself and make a personnal website to create a protfolio of what I made. This could help me get new contract in the future. I could use it for a blog also for programming (show some code to help people for example).

  8. John Chen says

    I like Webydo website Solution. It has an intuitive web design solutions , simple and convenient design

    I itself is a website designer, I would recommend to my company and friends to use.

    And does not require a complicated code to create a beautiful website

    I hope I can get it Thanks !

  9. says

    Wow! This would be awesome. I just hate it that I don’t do web design! I turned my attentions to my art, digitally. I want a resource that will give me the least amount of hands-on time. I’d like to initiate a portfolio site to exhibit my work. This sounds like it might just be what I need! I thank you for the opportunity.

    Good Luck to All,


  10. says

    I don’t actually have a website yet which is why this contest is so interesting. I have never been able to get past the detailed coding when I have tried to set up a website and your system sounds like what I have been missing. I really need a site to promote my art and you may have provided the solution. Thanks.

  11. K Moncur's says

    Would love to work with Webydo to update our Church’s website. Looks really cool

  12. Steffen says

    We are a young gfx-designer team and want to grow !
    The best possibilty to do this is a own homepage..


  13. Bartosz says

    I would love to work with Webydo, a Website would be an awesome new Platform to grow and show my creative Work. Should give it a try.

  14. mollahsharif says

    I’ would love to create a desugning & cartooning website.
    and i like that you can modify it easily. I hope I can get it. Thanks !

  15. Jessica Mizrahi says

    This is designers dream come true! There were so many false promisses in web design, as we all know. But after playing with Webydo this weekend, I have to admit this is the first time I actually think that our design studio could do the whole website production on our own and we won’t need to outsource many of our projects to developers any more…

    I loved the integration of the Ecwid online store. That’s a powerful tool.

    I would love to win…

  16. DoubleAron says

    What I like? No coding, WYSIWYG design. First site would be for my Wife’s custom cakes.

  17. says

    All of these comments are fantastic! I really appreciate everyone’s positive feedback!

    Just to let all of you know, even if you don’t win this contest, Webydo is 100% free to use. You’ll still have access to all of Webydo’s state of the art professional tools and features. The only difference between a Premium account and a free account is the domain name! :)

    So now everyone can enjoy using

  18. says

    Webydo sounds like something right up my ally. I have just started to teach myself coding and it is a hell of a lot complex that I realised. I design book covers for self published or indie authors charging as little as I am capable – I enjoy the work and people get a hopefully awesome design at the end of it. I would like to remake my website with a better graphics platform and provide my service to a wider circles.

  19. Stephanie says

    I would be interested in winning this as I do design primarily for print rather than web. I have been having difficulty learning code effectively.
    This would allow me to create an online portfolio for myself to showcase my abilities.
    Very interested in winning! :)

  20. Tim says

    My dad and some of his good friends are in a band together. They play amazing music but hardly anyone knows they’re around. I’d love to make a website for them that helps market their band, because it’s a shame for such a great band to play for so few people.

    I’ve tried learning HTML and CSS, and I can do basic things for a website. But I want to make them the website they deserve. A website that’s quality is a reflection of their talent. Webydo can help me do that.

    Thanks for offering the contest Webydo and Pixel 77! I can’t wait to hear from you!

  21. Clau says

    This is a great service for designers! I’m always wasting time with code and this often entraves my creativity.
    I’d really like to start with the website of a guitarist who deserves the best site! And then I’ll go for my own photofolio!

  22. says

    Webydo offers powerful design tools with a simple time saving platform. I would probably find someone in a new small business and make them something free of charge to learn more about the DMS and to help someone out in the process.

  23. Ed says

    This makes designing websites so much easier. It lets you focus on your creativity rather than trying to figure out the correct code to put in. I plan on finishing and revamping my own personal website and portfolio site !!
    Thanks !!

  24. Daria says

    I’d create a website for my mom. She’s an author and I think she’d benefit from her own site. WebyDo seems simple enough to use. Can’t wait to get started!

  25. Thea says

    That’s great! Up to now, I created websites with desktop systems. This would be a good start to make websites online, easy and fast. At first, I would like to make a Facebook page. This is something new which I did not yet do and which would be very useful.

  26. Graham Schulken says

    I’m going to create my graphic design website! I’m an idiot when it comes to code and I haven’t really entered web design because of it! I love the drag and drop features because of the speed. I’m inspired and I’m not afraid of screwing up my site anymore. Thanks for the confidence booster.

  27. says

    I’m a graphic designer who knows enough about HTML to… well… certainly not to be dangerous. But I at least have a concept of how it works. But it’s been years (no decades) since I actually coded anything. But I get asked regularly if I can design websites. Webydo looks like it could seriously help me by allowing me to say “yes!”

    I’d do my OWN site first! LOL!

  28. shravan says

    Wow webydo is an awesome futuristic site for designers. I am sure patent will be issued . I am excited after seeing DMS , before this I had never heard a word called DMS what I new was CMS , I loved using DMS , will recommend for all of my clients and friends . I feel happy as a designer to see something like this .
    I would like to design my new futuristic design portfolio website of mine and proudly announce webydo is for design design design designers ……..
    And finally Hats off for the webydo team for creating something like this for designers . :)

  29. says

    Not knowing, or having the time to learn, HTML, this product sounds absolutely perfect for me. I love WYSIWG programs, and this one sounds like it takes that even a step further

  30. says

    Waiting to fill my web site, too much time spent on the graphic construction…
    May I hope WeByDo could do it for me ?
    I think so.
    I’ll try it.
    Congratulations for your work.

  31. says

    I like webydo because the idea of a simple to create website is magnifique. That leaves the designer time to focus on designing really cool images and graphics for the website and build a template that looks nice without having to have headaches spending time on coding. I would create my portfolio with all my logos I’ve created so far as I am preparing myself to venture in the freelance world and dedicate full time to what I love, which is to create art that will be remembered many years from now.

  32. Cheryl says

    Webydo is perfect for me! I would like to get into building websites, and can work from templates, but while I can usually find things in code, I have trouble coding even a single line from scratch. With Webydo, I wouldn’t have to!

    I’d really love to build a good website for my upcoming e-book, along with information-gathering pages. After that, I’d probably use it to build client websites. Maybe I’ll get the chance! :D

  33. Steve says

    Webydo makes putting a classy website together possible for anyone. I love that it removes the limitations that everyday people who want websites have when considering making them. I would use Webydo to publish the website for my new service business, which I hope to launch in about two months.

  34. Stephen says

    Webydo is jet another step in blurring the lines in Web Design. We will always need programmers/developers but products like Webydo helps designers focus on what they do best.
    I’d use Webydo to produce my freelance business site, and finally get that going!

  35. says

    First I would recreate my awful homepage… It really needs a redo…
    Second I have 2 clients that are waiting for me to do their homepages as well, so with Webydo it should be easy to get those things done in a fair amount of time – which lets me have more time with my 14 months old daughter :-)

  36. Stephanie says

    I like the freedom from coding and the ease of adding, editing, and removing any kind of content without interfering website design. The first site I’d like to create is a personal portfolio. I will be graduating from school soon and this would be a great start.

  37. Genevieve says

    I would prefer not to code, it’s so time consuming, and a brain drain!
    I think my first site I would make would be to work on a portfolio site for my sister and her artwork. She deserves to have something spectacular to showcase her talent!

  38. Melissa says

    I like the idea of not having to write code. I would work on my personal site first.

  39. Kara says

    I’m setting up a website for a business that has survived solely, and I mean solely, on referrals for 30+ years. With the downturn in the economy, this business desperately needs a web presence. I’d like to create a site for it, but can’t sit at a computer very long at all, so I need something powerful but quick and easy. Thanks for the chance to win a membership!

  40. says

    I would love this. The freedom to not have to keep up with all the advances in coding and do what I do best, design. I would probably do our website first, whilst clean and functional, my imagination was limited by my coding skills and whatever tutorials I could find on the net. This will be our case study of what we can achieve. S We know we need to add web to our services but skills and time constrains us.

  41. says

    This is the first time I heard about Webydo and I’m so glad I did! I love the freshness and ease of use of the platform. Being the designer myself I always struggle with filling the gap between my work and writing the code. I’m not a developer and sometimes is really hard to breath some life into my website designs. Drag and drop website designing and building like this is definitly something me and my clients could benefit from. I hope you pick me, because I am really tired of dealing with coders! ;)

  42. says

    I like how easy it is to use. No coding makes it easier for me to create so I can focus my attention on my other sites that do require some coding. I could definitley use this one for my illustrations, or maybe my photography.

  43. Izzy says

    Having virtually no free time, Weydo would make my life so much easier! I don’t want to compromise the quality and aesthetics of my website, which I hope will be the new home for my wedding invite business :)

  44. says

    i like that I can create we bites without having to muddle with the code. Really makes building websites fast. My first website will be my personal website showcasing my work as a designer.

  45. Marike de Kock says

    Hi guys and gals,

    I am a young mommy from South Africa and have several businesses without sufficient websites. This platform will give me the ideal start to grow my business and interact with the online community.

    I would like to showcase the beautiful dresses and holidays that I am selling in a creative way – the Webydo way… What more can an entrepreneur ask for? :-)

  46. says

    I think that Webydo is just the right way to make website for now and tomorrow. A great vision of what the webdesign should be, to concentrate only on the creative mission and nothing else. It seems to be absolutely perfect for me, especially with a lifetime subscription! Thank you so much…

  47. says

    I love the ease of the program, which gives the possibilities for small businesses and start-ups to get a professional looking website fast. I help entrepreneurs with their websites and this would be a great alternative for them. The first site I would do is to finish my own, so I could offer this solution for the clients.

  48. JW says

    I want to create a website tracking the researching, writing and publishing of my new book but I don’t know how to code so the drag and drop, WYSIWYG approach of Webydo is exactly what I’m looking for.

  49. Sharon says

    I’m still figuring out how to move my company’s WordPress test site to the root directory without breaking any code…makes me wonder why I haven’t discover Webydo yet when I was doing my research on what to go best for my site. It will save me a lot of time, headache and money, and my site will still look as fantastic as that WordPress premium template I bought (and together with those expensive plug-ins like Gravity Forms). Well, what’s done is done (go me, will continue to struggle with ‘moving house’ for another day)

    Anyway my first website I’ll build is my Uncle’s company website – He asked me twice, but I’m not sure if I want to go through the WordPress way again (goodness sake, I’m not a developer and for designers, somehow it’s a rather painful process) so I’d rather go with the Webydo if given the chance.

  50. says

    I need to re-brand my company and a website it the first order. I like Webydo because it allows creation without having to know how to code.