How to Create a Home Office You’ll Love to Work In


Working from home has a lot of advantages. You get to work in a better, freer, more comfortable environment, and at the same time, you eliminate that pesky morning commute with the traffic and the congestion. The best thing about working from home, however, has to be the ability to design an office you love….

6 Death-Defying Photographs Taken from Dizzying Heights


For all of you adrenaline junkies out there, and for all of you scared of heights, this article will take you on a rollercoaster. Just when you thought it was over and it couldn’t get better it does in a remarkable way. You just have to stare with admiration at these photographs and at the men and women behind them – because they are not your ordinary Joe. No, they are completely crazy. Crazy in love with taking the best adrenaline pumping picture out there. Did I get you all stirred up? Well, let’s scroll down and go on this wonderful trip.

Amazing Glass Shard Sculptures by Marta Klonowska


Glass, whether as an utility or an art material, calls for careful handling. It takes a lot of time to shape and one wrong move would mean going back to square one. But for Polish artist Marta Klonowska, beauty can be found even in the seemingly worthless shards. Deftly breaking glass is where she begins to execute her passion for forming sculptures.

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