Wire Sculptures with a Twist by Robin Wight


It is no secret that we absolutely adore sculpture. So we take any opportunity we can to show you what awesome artists we find while sailing the vast ocean that is the internet. Recently, we came across Robin Wight, who does some absolutely fantastic wire sculptures. Today we’ll show you some pictures of Robin absolutely enchanting wire sculptures.

10 Useful Tumblr Tips & Tricks


Tumblr is one of the biggest blogging platforms and social media networking websites there is, with over 188 million blogs hosted, as of June 2014. Since Tumblr is so popular, we have decided to take a look around the internet, and see what tips and tricks people might have for using the platform, and these are some of the best ones we could find, for both experienced and novice users.

10 Brilliant Advertising Campaigns


Brilliant advertising campaigns withstand the test of time, they make you wonder, they make you recognize the brand without double checking. We all wish that our ad campaign could go viral, and that we will gain popularity, but it is not that easy to do. You need to get inspired, and give 110% to achieve this goal. We have rounded up 21 brilliant advertising campaigns so you can see how other creative professionals have done it.

Deal of the Week: The Ornamental Super Bundle – Super Premium Vectors & Brushes for Just $49


Our sister website Inky Deals has a gorgeous super premium ornamental bundle prepared for you guys! Actually this bundle is a combination between OrnamentZilla and OrnamentZilla 2 – but at an even greater discount. And the bigger the discounts – the better for all of us.

Anamorphic Pencil Art by Alessandro Diddi


Anamorphosis is a technique, that some say has been used even in cave paintings, that distorts images in such a way that makes it visible or coherent only when viewed with a special device, or from a certain vantage point. Alessandro creates marvelous pencil drawings. He uses pencil, paper, and himself in his works, giving the world some truly masterful works, made all the more impressive by the limited number of tools he employs.

Design Evolution of Official Wimbledon Programmes


The Wimbledon Championship was founded by the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club, who was a private club, back in 1877. It was originally called Sphairistike. And design has been a part of this superb sport since its founding. Its programme has changed significantly since its beginning, and we are here to show you how much design has changed over the past 126 years.

5 Great Career Tips for Junior Web Designers


Starting in a big company, as your first job, can be nerve-wrecking. There are so many things that you need to get accustomed to, in a short time. You will see so many people that you think they got it all figured out, but in fact, they are just going with the flow, learning every step of the way. Don’t despair, you will soon be able to fake it like them, and at least, you will have some experience to back it up. To get there, you need to practice every moment of your time, and put passion in what you do.

Deal of the Week: Learn How to Become a Better Graphic Designer & Earn More Money – Only $30


This course is for those creatives who do not want to set any limit on their earning potential. Actually it’s not only for graphic designers; it’s for anyone who works with various clients and wants to earn more. Join over 2,000+ paying students and learn about finding the perfect niche, why you need a mailing list, promoting on social media, through blogging and not only!

15 Awesome Gift Ideas for Designers


Buying gifts is hard. Sometimes, no matter how well you know a person, it just seems like there’s nothing left in the world to get him or her. This is especially true for creative people, such as designers. In this article, we will be showing you a list of some of coolest gift ideas we have come across lately, so you won’t have to stare blankly at the screen, thinking up search terms for Google.