Artist of the Week: Stunning Night Photography by Mikko Lagerstedt

Stunning Night Photography by Mikko Lagerstedt

This week, I get the pleasure of showcasing some totally awesome works from Mikko Lagerstedt, a self-taught photographer and nature enthusiast from beautiful Finland. But before I do that, I want to tell you a thing or three about Mikko and Finland as well while I am at it.

10 Best Podcast Channels for Web Developers

10 Best Podcast Channels for Web Developers

Web development is changing every year, and you need to stay on your feet all the time if you want to be a part of this competitive market. But how can you learn everything about web development? Where is all the information available to you for free? Well, in podcast, of course. We have compiled a list of 10 best podcast channels for web developers, so you don’t need to scour the internet for them.

Awesome Deals Every Design Professional Should Know About

Awesome Deals

Being a design professional can be a really kick-ass job, but sometimes it can provide its share of frustrations. One of these frustrations can be never being able to find the right deals for your projects. With that in mind, we’ve done a little bit of snooping around, and we’ve gathered up the top 10 deals we’ve found.

Sign Language Doodles by Alex Solis

Sign Language Doodles

His name is Alex Solis, he is a designer and illustrator living in Chicago, Illinois, and working for Threadless. His project, called Sign & Doodles, has got to be one of the most considerate and cute projects I have seen lately. The illustrations just make my heart melt, and I am really sincerely thinking about learning sign language myself with the aid of this book.

Why We Act Differently Online, Backed by Psychology

human behaviour

Just think about the friends in your list, and the differences between their online personas and their offline ones. I decided to take a quick look at why this is and found a couple of really cool articles about this, that cite a few scientifically backed reasons why we act differently online. I will talk about some of the causes I found most intriguing, and you can check out the full articles in the links that I will be providing.

Valentine’s Gift for you from Inky Deals


The much awaited Valentine’s Day is almost here. That means you need time. We and the guys from InkyDeals know this feeling very well. You can barely wait to spend some quality time with your loved ones or just sit and relax for a couple of hours. And Inky Deals wants to help you with that.