Free Vector of the Day #45: Vector lovebirds

Believe it or not, this beautiful illustration with two lovebirds is entirely made out of circle shapes. And we’re giving it to you, absolutely free! Go ahead, download it and see for yourself. By the way have you seen the orange button in the right? It says “Subscribe to RSS”, but it’s actually a bacon dispenser. Go ahead, click it :)

vector lovebirds 03 19 2012 Free Vector of the Day #45: Vector lovebirds


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    Hi, Thanks for the love birds, you make it sound so easy but yet this is so effective, made from a few circles but you had the idea and it is fantastic that you share in the way you do. I would subscribe to your Rss Feed thingy but I don’t understand how it works, I read about it in the help section but it went right over my head, sorry.. I do have you on e-mail though.
    Wendy xx

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      Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it :) If you want to learn how I did this, I can write a tutorial about it, it will be ready in a few days.
      As for the RSS thing: in the following window (after you click the button), you can select to receive the news via email or use an installed feed reader. For the e-mails, there are a few options available and you can select one from those buttons in the right (yes, the cluttered ones). For an installed reader, there’s a dropdown menu you can select from.


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