Free Vector of the Day #27: Vector Photo Frames

Time to get your daily dose of vector freebies! you can use it to pimp your family photos, Facebook images, portfolio websites and more. Also, subscribe to our RSS to be the first to download the upcoming vector freebies. Enjoy!

vector photo frame 600 Free Vector of the Day #27: Vector Photo Frames


  1. says

    Thank you so much!
    I wondered about your terms of use. I did not see them. Would I be able to use these for creating scrapbooking freebies, such as papers or page elements? I assure you I do not create anything for profit. Nor, would I use them in any defamatory or negative manner. Why, I would even add a link back in my terms as the source! Pretty please? LOL You can see what I do on my blog freespirit.
    If no, I understand. I had to ask, though. Your things are always so nice! Thank you for your consideration. And, as usual, thank you for the free frames!


    • says

      You have a green light to use them, along with our thanks for appreciating our work :) If possible, throw in a credit somewhere and we call it even.

  2. Tram Nguyen says

    I really love all the vectors of the page! Such a wonderful and inspired works you guys offering. Thank you so much for sharing them.

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